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How to Show Affection and Love to a Cat

Updated on July 30, 2014
Think of your cat as a baby who needs love and attention!
Think of your cat as a baby who needs love and attention! | Source

Just like us, cats need love and attention. We can't show love to them like we would another person so sometimes we are at a loss of what to do especially the way cats are. Cat owners know; they are fickle creatures. One minute they love you to rub their head and the next minute, you're running to the bathroom with a bloody and cut up hand. Ever been there? Are you finally ready to give up because you can never please your cat? Don't fret. Here are some things you can do to show love and affection to your cat!

Nuzzle Your Cat Back

When a cat is comfortable with you, they won't be afraid to get right in your face. This is a way they show trust and love. Nuzzling back with your face to theirs is a great way of showing trust and love right back. Sometimes, when you and your cat are nuzzling, your cat will bite. I know my cat does! Right on my nose. It startled me at first but don't worry! Your cat only does that to the people it loves most. In fact, giving you what I like to call a "love bite" is a cat's form of kissing!

Be Affectionate to Your Cat

Does your cat come up to you and beg you to pet them? Okay, maybe they go beyond begging like one of my cats does and force their head into your had. If they do this, listen to them! Pet them. Remember though, these cats (no matter how rough and tough they may seem) should be petted gently and calmly. Scratch their favorite spots. Their favorite spots tend to be under their chin, behind their ears, their cheeks, and if they trust you, on the bridge of their nose.

Some cats like to even be scratched on their belly, tail, and paws. But, if you know your cat doesn't like that, don't do it. It may result in the cat returning the favor and scratching you (in a bad way!)

Play With Your Cat

Cats love to play. Playing with your cat is a great way to show your affection and love. You don't need to go to the Pet Store and buy $10 worth of cat toys either. You can use things you find around the house.

When I play with my cats, I usually dangle a piece of string over their heads and let them go after it. If I'm really feeling brave though, I gently wrestle with them. Another idea is to put your feet under a blanket and move them back and forth. Your cat will pounce and bite your feet.

Change it up to keep your cat from getting bored. Mine seem to get bored very fast!

Playing with your cat can be fun for everyone!

How Cats Show Their Love

  • When cats purr, they are expressing something they love or take pleasure in. If your cat purrs when you are showing affection to your cat, chances are they are enjoying the attention and love you right back.
  • As said earlier in this hub, cats love by nuzzling you. Have you ever gotten headbutted by your cat? That is its way of showing love.
  • Have you ever had that moment when you are laying on the couch watching TV and your cat jumps on you? That's fine but then they start kneading your stomach. I always felt that was my cat's way of saying "Amanda, you probably need to lose a few pounds." But actually, it's a way of showing their love. Kittens do this to their mother's breast to induce milk and adult cats continue to do it when they are relaxed and loved.
  • This is one that I had trouble with. If you have an outdoor cat, you'll know what I'm talking about. Ever open the door in the morning and find a present from your cat. When I say present, I mean dead animal. Yup, that is their way of showing love. Most of the time for me, it's hard to wrap my head around when there is a dead animal on my porch. But, it's true. It's their way of showing their love. They want to support their loved ones and bring home food.

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There you go! Ways to show your cats love. When you are showing cats love, make sure you get down to their level. When you loom over them, they'll feel like you are a preditor. Get down to their level, coo at them like you would a baby, and love them. Also, don't force a cat to love you. If they run away, don't chase after them. They'll warm up to you on their own time.


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    • LagunaAlkaline profile image

      Amanda 4 years ago from Camas, WA

      Don't worry. I have the same problem. When I walk into the room the smart cats run away. Nothing wrong with loving to kill. It means you're a great mom :)

    • everymom profile image

      Anahi Pari-di-Monriva 4 years ago from Massachusetts

      I am both a cat and a dog person. I love animals in general...but I joke that I can't have pets because I don't do well caring for live things, and I love them too much to subject them to the benign neglect (or strangling love - I still seem to have no in-between)! My mother used to call me "amores que matan" in Spanish - which basically means, "love that kills." :-) (Luckily, I'm a fairly great mom and my daughter has safely, healthily and happily made it to 11 spite of being my "one and only" and getting all of my loving attention!)