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How to Stop a Cat From Biting You

Updated on July 21, 2017

Cats are generally considered to be one of the best types of pets to have at home and they provide a sense of companionship to their owners.

However, cats may bite and many owners mistake this as a sign that the cat does not like him or her. It doesn’t necessarily mean that the cat wants to harm its owner.

Many cat owners have usually misunderstood the reason of being bitten by their cats since cats may also tend to bite as a form of play, but the owner might interpret it as a sign of rebellion by the cat.

There are some things you can do to stop your cat from biting.

Ways to stop cat from biting

1. Provide toys to the cat as a source of entertainment

Cats are generally playful animals and that is why they provide great companionship to their owners. Providing them with toys and other things to play with will keep them busy and satisfied and they will surely not bite you since they are occupied having fun.

Be sure to give them different kinds of toys to see which toy the cat loves the best.

2. Provide for the cat's basic needs.

Cats need to be provided for just like human beings. This translates to giving your cat high quality cat food and fresh water, a good place place to rest, or sleep such as its own little box which is regularly cleaned to provide a hygienic environment for the cat.

The cat will react positively to you if you take good care of it. However, it may have some resentments towards you if you neglect it or simply don't have time for it.

3. Provide an outdoor playpen for the cat

Naturally, cats are known to be predators. Even if you provide it with food, cats will still want to hunt.

To prevent the cat from developing the negative trait of biting you, you can create an outdoor playpen for them to play outside the house. This will help focus the cat's attention on other things and also prevent any instances of it biting you.

4. Expressing your dominance to the cat

This is another good way of stopping cat from biting. Showing that you are in control can be done in various ways such as:

  • staring at the cat directly to its eyes
  • viciously, clapping your hands
  • saying a firm NO to the cat
  • leaving the cat alone for a couple of minutes.

Doing this to the cat every time it bites you will prove to have an impact on the cat and it will stop biting.

5. Avoid exposing your hands as toys

The more you expose your fingers to play with the cat, the more it will get used to them. This will increase the chances of the cat biting you.

Minimal exposure of your hands to the cat will prevent it from getting used to playing with your fingers. Therefore, you will not have to deal with the problems of cat bites since the cat is already used to playing with other things such as toys you have provided.

6.Study the behavior of your cat

Generally, you should try to learn the behavior of your cat, what it likes and does not like. This will help you understand some of the reasons why it has developed the habit of biting. After establishing the main reasons, you can try to make some changes so as to also take into account what the cat finds displeasing.

For example, some people have the tendency of petting cats too hard and hence they may develop a negative reaction to it, leading to the cat biting them.

Hence knowing the cat's behavior, will help you to create a safe haven for it and prevent it from biting.


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