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How to Stop Dog Aggression towards Cats

Updated on December 24, 2017

Why Doesn't Your Dog Like Cats?

Whether it's directed your cat or someone else's, a dog's aggression towards cats must be dealt with immediately.

  • If, while walking your dog, he tries to chase cats, you need to deal with this behavior immediately.
  • In the home, I often equate a dog’s aggression towards cats to sibling rivalry. Displaced aggression towards a cat may be a sign that your dog is competing for your attention. The longer you wait, the worse the problem may become.

It is possible to train any dog to live in harmony with other pets.

Helping Dogs and Cats Coexist Without Aggression

You should be very careful when introducing a new pet to the household, especially when you have been living with one pet for awhile. Though dogs will not always react with aggression, the transition will be made a lot easier if you are prepared for any contingency. In this article you will learn how you can help your dog and cat live in harmony.

Discovering the Reason for the Aggression

It is vital that you learn some basic dog psychology to understand your dog. There are three reasons why dogs may be aggressive towards cats:

  • The dog has had a previous traumatizing experience with cats. Cats sometimes attack dogs and the dog may acquire a fear of cats and therefore need to defend themselves every time they see one.
  • Dominant, aggressive dogs that are popularly called alpha dogs may be naturally inclined to be aggressive toward other animals. They view the cats as a threat to their dominance.
  • Competition for your attention can make dogs develop aggression towards cats, especially if you deny them the much-needed attention.

You can avert this aggressive behavior by first determining the reasons for your dog's aggression.


With patience and consistent training, dogs will respond positively and learn to cope with cats.

Dogs that are not trained may be at risk of problems with aggression, even if they don't live with cats at home.

The best approach is training. You should strive to establish yourself as the leader of the pack and let them know you are in authority.

Teach the dog to obey your commands. You can to this through obedience training, using rewards to modify behavior. When walking your dog, he should heed your command.


Certainly, canines and felines can learn to live together when you help them socialize. If you have both in the house you can involve them in a number of activities together. Your presence will suppress the bad behavior by compelling your dog to get used to the cat through training commands.


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    • profile image


      4 years ago

      My problem is that I have 4 cats and a new dog. She is a 19 lb dog that is a little over a year old and I have had her for 3 weeks. She gets along great with 3 out of 4 cats and is aggressive towards one male cat who hisses and seats at her from the counter top. The dog will not listen and is causing a lot of stress to my one cat. She dies not bother the other cats. Any suggestions on how to stop this behavior would be appreciated.

    • Nature by Dawn profile image

      Dawn Ross 

      6 years ago

      I think a more obvious reason some dogs may have aggression towards cats is that a dog may see a cat as prey. I think if a cat ran, the instinct to chase and attack would be far stronger than if the cat held its ground. I've owned dogs and cats together in the past, but my Aussie mix Pierson has a very strong prey drive and will attack and kill a furry animal if given the chance. Your tips on training will be helpful if I decide to have a cat again. It will definitely take time, but the best cat would be an adult cat that was already used to dogs. A kitten or scaredy-cat would be too tempting for my prey-driven dog to chase.

    • bodylevive profile image


      6 years ago from Alabama, USA

      My dog Eragon does not like cats but my dog Squeaky does. I don't particular care for them myself. One of my co-workers have cats. She stated that she doesn't have any problems with rodents due to her cats catching them all, including bugs. Yuck! We were invited to dinner last week and they have four of those feline things running all over the place. One of them is actually spoiled, it just a kitten. the other ones are big cats. They have two dogs but they are separated from the cats.

    • profile image


      7 years ago from Valenzuela, Philippines

      Dog's aggression towards cat or other animals is a very common and inevitable one, but a curable one. It happens always. You will only be lucky if you're at the 1% bracket of those who don't experience this problem(if you have a dog).


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