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How to Successfully Groom your Dog with Clippers

Updated on September 22, 2016

Do you love pets or dogs in particular? How do you groom them so that it would fit your personalities as the owner? I have noticed some celebrities would dress their pets according to their outfits and they could color and cut their hairs according to the hairdos. It is funny right? But, it is kind of challenging too. I know too well how hard to grow a pet starting from being a baby until they grow up.

Considerable Facts to Consider First

I was just wondering how they get their dogs get a haircut knowing how sensitive they are to just about anything. I did this research and found out an exciting topic on how to groom your dogs with the right pet grooming clippers or pet shears. When buying for dog clippers, you should first consider the following:

  • Choose an appropriate dog clipper designed for your dog’s breed.

Some dogs need clippers and some dogs do not. Others usually cut the dog’s hair by using scissors or pet shears.

  • Talk to your veterinarian and ask for his recommendations first.

Dogs are sensitive to sound, vibration and others are afraid of sharp objects. To know more about your dog, you have to visit first the veterinarian and ask some advice.

Groom your dog like you groom yourself
Groom your dog like you groom yourself

How to Use Dog Hair Clippers

1. Bathe your dog first and properly wash and rinse its hair then brush it until dry. This is to untangle its hair and to make sure it will not be disturbed by the pain it might give during the cutting process. Avoid other distractions by going in a place where your pet is comfortable.

2. Choose a set of dog hair clippers that will not frighten your pet. Go for a low noise clipper like the Legendog dog clipper that is cordless and is rechargeable. It also comes with a free stainless steel comb ideal for untangling hair and a comb guide.

Dogs get used to the sound of clippers once you let it hear it first before you start clipping.
Dogs get used to the sound of clippers once you let it hear it first before you start clipping.

4. Make sure you maintain your clippers so that it will be sharp enough when you use it avoiding it to pull hairs and hurting your pet. Also, consider the proper blade to use for the kind of hair your dog breed has. Always read the safety instructions and guides that come with your dog clippers upon purchase.

5. Let your dog get used to the sound of the clippers first before you start cutting its hair. When you start, do it slowly and follow its hair growth.

6. Check the temperature of the clipper and let it cool when you think it is too hot to burn your pet’s hair. Use a coolant to lower the temperature or just shift to a spare clipper if you have.

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If you are going to a hair groomer regularly, buying a complete set of pet grooming clippers for your own will save you extra money. By the way, if you have a puppy, try grooming it yourself as early as possible so that it will get used to it. I hope this article has helped you start grooming your pet on your own.


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