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how and what do you need to break a horse the easy way

Updated on April 13, 2012

my horse at seven months old


what do you need to break a horse the easy way

To start out I like to make sure I have my horses full attention, to do this you want to have a place secluded as possible. I like a coral with about a 30 foot circumference,I have found if its to big of an area your horse will feel to free and it will be a lot harder to keep his attention.I use a buggy whip with the whip raped around the handle and tied at the bottom of the whip, I tie a bandanna on the opposite end of it with one granny knot, leaving both ends flared out. Standing in the middle of the arena, I will start my horse by keeping the bandanna waving with a slow up and down motion,always remember to stay behind the shoulder of your horse, till you get ready to change directions. Keep a eye out for your horses signals, If he starts to twitch his ears back and forth he is trying to figure out what you are asking of him.At that point try laying down the whip and standing straight in the center of the arena, He should come running up to you, pet your horse and reassure him, you have just dominated him. Now its time to get him use to a horse blanket, hold the blanket out and let him smell of it, if the blanket as been used on a horse that he is used to, this will help him to not be afraid of it cause it will have there sent on it.Rub the blanket all over the horse very slowly so you don't spook him, Like my daddy used to say it is a lot easier to not create a bad habit then to try to break one.

A free spirit


A gentle hand is all you need to ride a horse the easy way

I always use a gentle hand,when I'm working with horses, if you are rough with your horse and demanding, you will lose his attention, he will be afraid, and wont have a clue, what you are asking him to do, on the other hand if you use a gentle slow to anger approach, he will want to please you and give you his full attention. Gently lay the blanket on his back let him stand there and get used to it for a few minuets, if he accepts it , Its time for the saddle, I use an old saddle that wont matter if he damages it, you never know for sure what your horse will do, when he has his first saddle on him. Let him smell of it for a while, rub the stirrups on his neck and chest a little, to let him know it wont hurt him,once hes comfortable with it gently lay it up on his back, give him time to get used to the weight and relax a little, now you can tighten up the cinch a little at a time as he is ready, don't have a tight belly band let it hang down from the belly a few inches.

sugar A Morgen mare


Takeing your time before riding your horse

Once the saddle is tight and the horse is OK with it, grab the saddle horn and pull back and forth pull the stirrups out a little and let them fall against his sides, no hurry take your time, don't go any faster then your horses ability to comprehend what's going on. Pet your horse and talk to him with a low soft voice to reassure him that your his friend and nothing you have done is going to hurt him. Once he is comfortable with the saddle and blanket, its time to put the bridle on him, again let him smell of it and get used to it. If you rush this or try to force him to take the bit you will have to fight him every time you want to put the bridal on him. I like to use a sweet bit and put a little honey on the bit so he will like his new experience and not run every time he sees me coming with the bridal in my hand.Once the bridal is on and adjusted to fit so its as comfortable as possible, pet your horse and let him know you are his best friend and not his worse enemy.

Sugar and her first colt


What do you need to ride a horse, a gentle hand

I always tie my horse. sense I am usually by my self when I work with my horses,I tie a quick release knot so if he gets tangled I can give a hard jerk on the end of the lead rope and free him from any danger. Then I will put my left foot in the stirrup and hold to the saddle horn with my left hand and I hold the rim of the back of the saddle with my right hand. Now I will ease halfway up on my horse to see how he reacts, if all is well I go head and mount my horse, I will pet him and talk to him just put is mind at ease and mine lol. Once he is comfortable with me on his back I will swift my weight back and forth, I will dismount and mount till he is relaxed and comfortable with me.At last its time to ride, I will then ride him around the arena turning him letting him learn the bridal, use a soft hand give him time to think and he will do what you are asking of him.The hard part is over, now you need to repeat this every day for 31 days, as it takes 31 repetitions for a horse to always remember a task and work on stopping, backing, as you go.Don't forget what my daddy said its easier to not create a bad habit then to break one.

the best for last crackers now 7 years old


how to break a horse the easy way

measuring a horse.

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    • profile image

      Dee 4 years ago

      This was interesting reading because I broke my horse peanut the same way! :)

    • WildRoseBeef profile image

      WildRoseBeef 5 years ago from Alberta, Canada

      Your welcome.

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      kevins blog52 5 years ago from southern Indiana

      Thank you WildRoseBeef It was late when I finished I posted it, I will check it.

    • WildRoseBeef profile image

      WildRoseBeef 5 years ago from Alberta, Canada

      Nice article, but I believe you posted it in the wrong category. :)