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How and where to buy Frontline plus cheap?

Updated on May 27, 2015

What should you take into account when buying Frontline plus?

The battle with fleas and ticks can be quite strenuous and it requires a lot of your time and dedication. And, using the right repellent might help as well. If you want to get rid of fleas it's important to break their life circle. You have to knowthat fleas need only 36 hours to lay their eggs. So, it's very important that the repellent you are using kills them in that specific time frame. Furthermore, the product must be effective on eggs as well. This is the only way to get rid of them!

I have tried several products but, at the end, my conclusion is that Frontline plus is the most effictive repellent both for fleas and ticks. Frontline is efficient for the whole month, but after that you have to apply the product on your pet again.

Frontline plus destroys up to 100 % of the flea population on your pet in less than 24 hours and all life stages for four different types of ticks (even the one that is causing Lyme disease).

Frontline Plus is a pet product that is recommended by veterinarians as an efficient way to get rid of fleas and ticks and, therefore, very popular among pet owners. The price is not exaggerated but, is not cheap either, especially when you know you have to apply it every month. So, it's good to save a couple of bucks here and there when buying it. Here are some advices on what to look for when buying Frontline plus.

  • Buy it online - Sure, you can purchase it from your veterinarian, but usually they sell it in singular, monthly, doses, therefore resulting in a much higher price of the product. So, buying online is definitely an option. You can find the packages containing 3, 6 and 12 doses.
  • Don't buy the product from unknown sellers - As I have mentioned above and online purchase is a good option. Still, you have to be careful because online purchases can be tricky at times, especially if you are buying things from less known websites and sellers. Believe it or not, but there are a lot of fake pet products on the market (both online and offline). There are many ways to distinguish the real and fake products (lot number and expiration date, leaflet with instructions, child-resistant applicator package, the label on the applicator, etc.) but when in doubt, please ontact the Merial branch for help and instructions.
  • Buy larger quantities - People usually buy a 3 month supply. But, you can buy a 6 month or even 12 month supply and get a lower price. The repellents usually have an expiration date up to 3 years. Still, before buying, compare the prices between the 6 and 12 doses package because, sometimes, the 6 doses package is the cheapest.
  • Buy it before the season starts - The prices can vary depending on the season of the purchase. The prices are slightly lower during the cooler season and higher when the flea and tick season kicks off. So, try to get the product before May or June, when the demand for this type of product is higher which results in higher prices as well.
  • Choose the right color/dosage - Before buying the repellent please weight your dog. Frontline plus uses different colors for different dosages, depending on the weight of your dog. Orange Frontline must be used on dogs up to 22 Lbs, the blue is for dogs that range from 23 to 44 Lbs, the purple one is for dogs that weight from 45 to 88 Lbs and Frontline red is for dogs that fall in the category from 89 to 132 Lbs. Frontline plus for cats has no specific packages/dosages that are linked to the weight of the pet. The only restriction is that the product can beused on cats that are 8 weeks and older.

Hopefully, this few advices will make your purchase easier and more informed. Frontline really helped me get rid of fleas on my cat and dog. I have even used a Frontline spray to kill the fleas that "migrated" to my carpet! Some say that you need to switch to a different repellent every now and then because fleas and ticks get used to a specific product with time. I have to say that Frontline plus is still working for me!

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    • profile image

      Frontline 2 years ago

      I used to buy Frontline from Petmeds, then found out Amazon are cheaper, and then I found out the same seller I was buying from on Amazon have their own website and they offer it for cheaper! As of now they are the cheapest option I found.