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How to ensure that your dog is well taken care of while you are on a well-deserved vacation

Updated on March 25, 2013
Alaskan Malamute
Alaskan Malamute | Source

Dog Park Ettiquette

Going away and have to leave a furry family member behind? Many dog owners are at a loss when it comes to finding a way to ensure that their dogs are well taken care of in the event they have to move or go an a holiday. Finding a neighbor or relative who will care for your dog while you are away can be difficult as well.

Indeed, finding a way to ensure that your canine friend is well taken care of while you are away suntanning on the beaches of Mauritius can really add to the stress of that holiday. If you happen to be migrating to another country, it can also be hard to ensure the well-being of your dog in view of quarantine laws. Moving to a country that is not accepting of dogs can certainly cause great headaches.

So if you are worried about how to ensure that Fido is well-taken care of, here are some things you can consider about taking care of him before you go on that trip to Hawaii.

A dog hotel
A dog hotel | Source

The common hassles owners face with taking care of their dogs while you are on vacation

Dog ownership can pose a real threat to one’s vacation plans. Additionally, a dog owner migrating sometimes results in abandonment and animal shelters being filled to capacity.

So what are some of these annoying problems that can cause quite a bit of disruption in the live of dogs and their owners?

Finding a good caretaker for your pet

If you are not anywhere near neighbors who are able to care for a dog, this is the commonsensical, main problem that will cause an itch. Not every person, or place as we know is dog friendly, so it can be a challenge to find someone to care for Fido, even if it is for a few days.

Dog walks or exercising your dog

If your dog is one who needs frequent exercise, or simply needs a place to poop, that caregiver must be willing to take him out at regular times for walks as well. Again, finding someone who will is able to walk a dog responsibly during the time you are away can be a little task.

Worry about whether your dog is being fed adequately

Dog owners will find a small hassle with food preparation for their dogs before going away, or sometimes finding someone whom they can trust enough to ensure that their pets have proper meals.

Which would be your top concerns about your dog if you are going away?

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If your dog needs medication for any reason, finding someone who is responsible enough to administer it to him properly can prove to be a little hassle. He or she might end up giving Fido a stomachache or a trip to the animal clinic!

Your dog may be a master of guilt.

Dogs can be true masters of guilt whose main aspirations are to make their owners feel bad about abandoning them for even a few hours. Who says that only kids know how to pout when they want something?

My West Highland Terrier, Cloudy, is such a Mistress of the Mind. She gives the plaintive look when we have to step out of the house for just a few hours, or even minutes. As one can imagine, with such a temperament, going away on a holiday can be an adventure in itself.

Indeed, dealing with a dog with separation anxiety can be difficult when one is going away. It can really put a damper on a vacation!


How to go away and consider your dog, too!

With Fido around, we know that the holiday can be a bit of a headache to plan. So how what are the things that can help us before we embark on our Italian or French getaways?

It’s good to plan ahead.

Planning ahead for a vacation is always essential whenever Fido is around. Planning would include taking into consideration the hassles mentioned and making a list of the things your dog will need, like his food, dental products, leashes and medicine if he so needs.

Making arrangements with neighbors or reliable caregivers will be a must do, as would ensuring that he gets enough exercise while you are not around.

Find a good caregiver for your dog.

If you are fortunate enough to live near a fellow dog lover, then your dog will be safe with your neighbor for a time. In the event, however, that you are not able to find a neighbor or relative who will take care of your dog for you, there are organizations that will take Fido in for a fee. These include:

Foster homes for dogs

Organizations like Pet People serve as foster homes for dogs which need room and board for a time.

Dog Hotels

Why not give Fido a vacation too? Dog hotels come with their own set of canine friendly facilities!

Dog Sitters

Look around for professional groomers or dog minders who will take Fido in for a time.

Caregivers of these institutions should be told how often your dog must be fed, what food is needed, how often he needs exercise and what toys he likes, if so needed. Always visit them a few days ahead of your holiday to observe if the staff ensures that the dogs under their care are well-tended to.


Why not travel with your dog?

This is an entirely suitable option for those who love road trips or camp outs with the family. It is such times when you can take your dog with you! Here are some of the things that should be done before and when traveling with your dog.

Plan ahead.

This means finding out which places you can go to on your trip that are pet friendly and will allow dogs. Which camp grounds would allow a family with a dog around, or which hotels will accommodate dogs, if any? Make sure his necessities, like yours, are also packed and ready.

Identify your dog.

In the event that your dog may be lost, it is good if an identification tag of sorts be left on your dog. Include a mobile number where you can be reached if your dog is found. If possible, get your dog microchipped. That will always assure you that the dog is yours.

Carry a photo of your dog so that it can be used to make flyers for identification purposes.

Have fresh water available.

Traveling is thirsty business, so have fresh water available for you and your dog!

Find doggy day care facilities.

For the times when we have to go out without our dogs, this may be a good solution.



Taking Fido with you on a holiday or leaving him behind indeed takes some meticulous planning. It can be a process that involves a bit of emotional heartache as well. I hope you find time to consider your dog before you go away to climb Mt. Everest!


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