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How to get your cat to come for a massage

Updated on June 20, 2014
catydid52 profile image

Catharine Leona Joy Minter Parks published several books on Amazon including Eye Rings,For the Shattered Soul, Stop Killing Your Obese Child

Cats like their massages too.

Cats are like people in some ways. They like to eat, sleep and mate. They also like their creature comforts, and one of them is massages. Here is a simple way to train your cat to come for a massage.

Make sure you are sitting comfortably on a chair, or the couch. Call your cat's name at the same time holding out your fingers and flexing them, this is how you summon your cat.

He knows where he wants to be massaged at

We have noticed that our cat will turn his body in different positions as he is getting massaged so that he gets the areas he wants to be massaged in.

The method

Take your flexing fingers to his sides and give him the massage he has been summoned for. He will thank you by rubbing his head on your arms, stomach or anywhere else that takes his fancy. If you forget to massage your cat, look out for a nudge when you are trying to rest, or watch tv. If your cat has not had enough massages for the day he will come to you continuously throughout the day.

How Often

Our cat gets between 6 to 8 massages a day. At least it keeps the fingers nimble and flexible, and we get to spend quality time with him.

Tips and Warnings

Watch out for extreme happiness from your cat - massaging your cat is highly addictive


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    • catydid52 profile image

      Catharine Parks 6 years ago from Niagara Falls, On

      I hear you, not only are my cats like that, but so is my Golden Retriever.

    • Sam9999 profile image

      Sam9999 6 years ago

      My cat is sitting on my lap as I write this. There is no problem getting this animal to come for a massage. It is constantly sucking up for a little love.

    • catydid52 profile image

      Catharine Parks 6 years ago from Niagara Falls, On

      Thank you for your feedback. Sorry, that you are allergic to cats now. I have 2 of them and I'm glad that I am not allergic to them. Too bad there is no medicine that you can take so that you can keep your cats. One of my sisters is acutely allergic to cats/dogs, she gets clogged up immediately, she can't be around them at all.

    • profile image

      mikeq107 6 years ago

      Hi Catydid52 :0)

      Great advice..I had 6 cats years back and they taught me a lot about mtself how to be that i found out that I,m ellergic to them ..well those days are over...but it was great while it lasted...great hub ...

      Mike :0)