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How To Introduce A New Cat To Your Existing Ones

Updated on October 27, 2015

Do you need a new cat?

I have two cats : a girl named Kitty a boy named Jinxy. Kitty is 8 years old and Jinxy is 1 year old. Kitty wasn't too happy when I bought Jinxy, but Jinxy is a very persuasive cat. He insisted on getting close to Kitty no matter what. He needed a partner to play with. So eventually Kitty did give in. They do have their moments , when Kitty does not want to play. But Jinxy doesn't care.

Two months ago, a friend of mine asked me if I want another cat. I was not prepared to have the third cat, but I did not know the circumstances. So the story is: my friend’s best friend had a Birman female cat named Glam Glam Puss. She did buy the cat for her husband and the cat was with them for 8 month. The husband left her three months ago and she was suddenly left with her 5 years old son all alone and the cat. She could not look after the cat anymore and I guess the cat reminded her of her husband. She wanted to give the cat away to a good home.

I was in doubts. Another cat? But then my friend emailed me a photo of Glam Glam Puss and the cat was gorgeous. I thought about this adoption, but I was unsure if my cats will accept her. So I told my friend that I will take the cat in for a while to see what happens.

I did drive to this lady’s home, I did pick the cat up and took her home. The real story starts here.

Glam Glam
Glam Glam
Glam Glam
Glam Glam

The real story of my new cat

My two existing cats did not like the new intruder. Kitty looked at Glam Glam and walked away. Jinxy went to smell her, say Hallo I guess and ran away. Glam Glam came with a huge scratching pole and I was told that she likes to sleep on top of it most of the time. The owner told me that the cat does not like to be picked up. This did sound strange to me because my two cats love cuddles and hugs. So I figured that I will give Glam Glam time to accommodate with the new place and with me.

I named her Glamy. The first 2 weeks she hardly came down from her pole. She was confused. She did not like any food I gave her, probably because she was stressed out. I did try to pick her up, but she did scratch me. The previous owner told me that she eats normal tuna canned food rather than cat food. I tried to give her all sorts of Tuna canned fish. She hardly had any. She did eat dried food and cats can live on that.

I spent a little time talking to her every day. I made her feel welcome, I did pat her, but I did not pick her up again. I decided that it was wiser to let her come to me. Three weeks later she started to come down from her pole more often and finally she came to me for a pat. This was the first sign that she is willing to give me a chance to get closer to her.

She started to eat better once that we became closer. She came on the couch closer and closer to me every day. Jinxy and Glamy are now friends and they like to play together. They chase each other around the house. I can even pick Glamy up for a quick cuddle. She comes upstairs to my office and sleeps next to my chair.

I let her out in the backyard last weekend. She loved it! I am thinking to adopt her permanently. It is sad when people buy pets and then for whatever reason they do not want them anymore.

So please people, do not abandon your pets. They are lovely companions and they do not deserve to be kicked out. My advice is: do not buy pets unless you give them a home for as long as they live.


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    • profile image

      Acuvet 4 years ago

      Amazing story about your cats! I really enjoyed reading it.

      I would be curious how you could introduce a new dog into your household, if you already have got a cat.

      Have you got any advice for a situation like that?

      I find it very important to think first about eventualities and how to make it happen that the two of them finally can become friends.

    • KathyH profile image

      KathyH 4 years ago from Las Vegas, Nevada

      So glad things worked out for all of your kitties and for you! :) There is a huge problem here in Las Vegas with people that lose their homes due to foreclosure, and they leave their pets BEHIND in the empty home! There is even a rescue group here called "Foreclosed Upon Pets" - I have a friend that does volunteer work for them finding new homes. So sad when people abandon a pet, thanks for bringing attention to this problem! :) Voted up for sure! :)

    • Magdalena55 profile image

      Magdalena Todor 4 years ago from Australia

      Hi Kathy, thank yoHi Kathy, thank you for your comment. I do agree with you. It happens here in Sydney too. People should think about their pets as family which you should not abandon no matter what happens in their lives. It is good to know that you have a rescue group for pets. I wish more groups like this would be available here in Australia.u for your comment. I do agree with you

    • Magdalena55 profile image

      Magdalena Todor 4 years ago from Australia

      Hi Acuvet, thank you for your comment.I do agree with you. People should find out all the implications a new pet will cause to the existing one. I do not have advice on how to introduce a dog into your household if you already have a cat. But I will ask my neighbours who had a Himalayan cat and then bought a dog and I will post their story very soon.

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