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How to Keep Birds From Flying Into Windows?

Updated on April 23, 2020

A Sad Reality

Collisions of birds with buildings and skyscrapers is common all over the world and is a major source of avian mortality. It is sad that birds hitting windows causes so many deaths of so many types of birds but this fact is widely overlooked.

How to keep birds from flying into windows? Well, I am a bird lover myself and have researched a lot into this subject. Here are some tips to prevent birds from flying into windows.

1. Use bird window decals (a.k.a. bird window stickers)

There is a great product called WindowAlert that effectively stops birds from flying into windows. It is a window decal and it can be easily applied to home as well as office windows. We all know that sunlight contains ultraviolet rays in it. These ultraviolet rays are invisible to us humans, but the birds can easily see them as the vision of birds is up to 12 times better than that of us humans. WindowAlert contains a component that reflects ultraviolet sunlight brilliantly. So, for birds, this window decal glows like a stoplight and thus help birds see windows and stops birds from hitting windows. For humans, the glass appears as frosted or etched. WindowAlert bird window stickers are available in wide variety like, Butterfly decal sticker, Hummingbird decal sticker, Maple Leaf decal sticker, Modern Square decal sticker and Snowflake decal sticker. For birds that repeatedly hit the same window, there is a specially formulated decal which is an effective bird window deterrent.

Snow Flake Window Decal

2. Remove bird attractions

If the bird strikes are following a specific pattern like, striking the same window or windows of a building or a house and the other are ignored by the birds, try to pay attention to and locate water, food, cover and other bird attractions near the affected windows. Move those attractions to some appropriate place and you’ll find that the problem is solved.

Bird Attractions


Do you use decals on your windows?

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3. Block the flight path

If there are two windows in your house that are in a straight line (one on the front and the other in the rear) and if both have transparent glass then a bird might be able to see the outside of the house through both the windows. In this situation, the bird might consider it as a clear flight path. Just break the open view by putting some object in the path or lowering the blinds or closing the door etc. and the birds won’t be able to find line of sight and won’t strike the windows.

Straight Flight Path

4. Reduce glass reflection

If the birds can see the reflection of trees, sky or clouds in the window, they get the false impression that they are flying in the open and they can continue their flight without changing the course of the flight and thus strike the windows. Closing the blinds slightly, covering the glass with a shade cloth or paper or using white shears can reduce reflection and prevent birds from flying into windows.

Reflection of Sky

5. Hang a hawk silhouette

Birds don’t like to be near hawks. Small birds are afraid of the sharp-shinned hawk as it flies low into cover and hunts small birds as soon as it sees them. The hawk silhouette should be hanged on the outside of the window so that it it swings in the wind. This hawk simulation will surely stop birds from flying into windows.

Scare the birds!

We all love birds. Don't we?

Bird lovers hate birds flying into windows problem. So many deaths of birds are caused by this birds hitting windows situation. But the solutions to this problem are simple. The above mentioned tips about how to keep birds from flying into windows will surely help all the bird lovers.

Lets save birds!

An amazing sight of birds flying in elaborate synchronized patterns


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