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How to Keep Your Pets Fit During Lockdown?

Updated on April 27, 2020
Natasha Tungare profile image

A Physiotherapist who wishes to have a better world for the voiceless animals

Pets are very dear to everyone. When your pet is feeling unwell, even you become upset. Lockdown can be difficult for your dear pets with respect to their fitness. The way you miss exercising in gyms, similarly your pet does miss its routine morning and evening walks. What to do at such times? How to take care of the fitness of your dear pets?

Why is Physical Activity important for Animals?

Try sitting or lying at one place for a long time. How long can you maintain this position? The way human joints land into stiffness without movement, similarly joints of animals too can land into stiffness. Hence, movement, physical activity and exercise therapy is necessary for animals as well. During lockdown, you yourself are unable to go out and also cannot take your pets for walk. So here I would like to mention some tips to you all on how can you take care of fitness of your pets at home itself during the period of lockdown.

Joint movements

Joint movements are something that helps our body move and locomote. In a similar way, joint movements are important in animals as well. Even though the anatomic orientation and function differs, they do have shoulder, elbow, wrist, hip, knee and ankle joints. To maintain the integrity of joints, bones and muscles it is necessary to do some or the other joint movements for animals. Joint movements help in preventing stiffness and maintain the properties of muscles as well. Move the joint through complete range of motion along its orientation.

Manual Therapy

We humans love having a nice massage. And so do animals! During lockdown it is impossible to take them for spa outside but there is one best thing you can do at home itself. Manually massage them! Well, being careful is really important when it comes to joint mobilization and manipulation. Hence, do not try out these, rather gently massage their forelimbs, hind limbs and spine. They love it and find it very soothing. Manual therapy itself is an evolving science in animals. Make sure that you do not over pressurize any part of their body.

Play Therapy

This is the best method to enhance physical activity in our pets. They never get tired of play therapy. It targets their movement, muscle strength, activity and engages their mind all at once. Your pet can be habitual to varied ways of playing with you. Make sure you always play some or the other game with them. Pets really enjoy playing even smallest thing with their owner. Chewy and elastic toys target the jaw muscles of animals and these are of great help to keep them engage at one place.

Diet and Hygiene

Diet and hygiene is something I do not need to talk about because all well aware pet owners are already taking great care of their pets with respect to these. But time to time check on the food habits of your pet is very important. Weather change can also be a reason for health issues of animals. Hence, taking good care of these is highly important.

How are you taking care of your pet's fitness?

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You can devise your own methods to help these little souls stay fit and healthy. All they need is some time from you. And now that you are home during lockdown, it is better to give equal amount of attention to these voiceless souls as we give to ourself and our family. After all pets too are a part of family. If you apply any unique method for your pet's health, please do share.

This content is accurate and true to the best of the author’s knowledge and is not meant to substitute for formal and individualized advice from a qualified professional.

© 2020 Natasha Tungare


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