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How to name your puppy

Updated on December 10, 2009

So you finally got a new member in your house. I know its a very lovely feeling and now you are on to the first task you have in hand. That is selecting a beautiful name for this small beautiful and lovely friend of your.

First few no's for your pups name, Don't give him a name of some command like come, heel, fetch ,sit and stay. Things are going to be really complicated ahead if you do so.

Now when you are thinking about naming your pup think of a Recent Good thing which happened to you, may be you want to cherish that for a lifetime. Whenever you will see your dog you will remember that feeling. Think of a cute name of some place where your special one proposed to you, restaurant you had date first time. This is for romantic people .

People out there with flames of adventure burning in their souls every time, think hard for your trainer or someone you once camped with, or think of some place where you once have been and enjoyed most. Or think of your favorite adventure sport. I once in a dog show met with a glider and hunter. Both were hounds.

You can choose any name for your dog as long as it brings smile on your face, I gave name to my dog which belonged to a stock which gave me returns of over 200 %.

I have friends with their dog named- Picasso( guys a painter), Edison, Dumble( this dude is always in love with his workout sessions).

Also If you admire some Pop Star or Actor/Actress, dedicate your dogs name to him/her.You can name your dog Jackson and take him for a walk in nights for "Moon Walk".

Or If you got a beauty in your hand you can go for Brittany or Shakira. So you can always boast around of even Brittany kissing you.

See Suggestions are many but the best you can call your dog what you will love most, And Never ever let any other person decide your pups name. Dont forget you and only you have that right.

Ya and Here down do let me know what you call your dog-


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    • Adopt-a-Dog profile image

      Adopt-a-Dog 8 years ago from Bangalore, Karnataka

      Thanks General. and wish you more power. :-)

    • GeneralHowitzer profile image

      Gener Geminiano 8 years ago from Land of Salt, Philippines

      Hehehe, great hub and clever too...

      I call my pet Tootsie who was my Buddy too hehehe...

      Not yet prominent I wish I am...

      More Power...