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How to stop your dog from chasing

Updated on June 6, 2009

You know the people on your sidewalk are scared to death of your dog by the way the pace of their walk increases. You just never could put your finger on why until one day you look out and see your dog chasing the mailman out of your driveway when he dropped off a package. You do not really want your dog to create a problem for you by chasing people, but at the same time you're not sure on how to deal with the problem.

I know that when my dog had a chasing problem I had to take him to obedience training. Obedience training got him to learn to listen to me and break his chasing habit. Sometimes the training works but if he is really in a stubborn mood then like any person he gets just as stubborn and does not listen. Now in obedience training you will want to let the instructor know that your dog likes to chase after people and they will probably have a wide variety of ideas on how to break that habit.

One of the first things that I learned in obedience training after getting my dog to look at me and ignore stuff around him was to make him wait. Waiting sounds like it can be a challenge, but it is not. You just have to find a doorway in your home that you and your dog go thru quite a bit. Then you will have your dog sit on one side of the doorway while you go thru the door. Then you will have him continue to sit on his side of the door for a few extra seconds or minutes. Then after that time frame you will free him from that wait so he can go thru the doorway.

You will gradually want to introduce this to the exterior doorway when people are outside. You will also want to only have your dog wait when you have his leash on him. If you have the leash on him you will be able to correct him quickly. Now you might notice though that your dog will behave differently when you are trying to get him to wait at the exterior door. You will though need to stick to your guns and make sure he waits the full time. If you need to for the exterior door if you have a screen door you can close that with the leash outside of it so you can still control him.

Now once you learn how to control your dogs chasing problem the neighbors will not go running by your house.

Breaking him from chasing can be hard, but will make your life a lot better. So you can break the chasing habit by having him wait, or by obedience training.


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