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How to take care of new born kittens

Updated on November 25, 2016

You found a litter without the mother cat

What to do?

Is not easy as you first might think, is very demanding to raise new born kittens without their mother.

Here I will try to explain what you must do in order for them to survive, the chances are slim but it's possible for them to live and grow beautiful strong kittens.

1º Keep the babys warm and dry.

A polar baby blanket is a good choice, is not heavy and it's really warm.

Also a bedwarmer, carefull with the water temperatura, make sure there's another blanket in between if you are not sure about the temperature.

2º With the help of a vet make sure they were stimulated by they're mother when they born to avoid having fluid in the respiratory sistem from the birth.

3º Find a box with lid to keep the warm air inside it, avoid the strong light and noise. They must be in a quiet place.

4º In your vet ask for special baby milk, don't ever give them cow milk or supermarket milk, it is not appropriate for new born kittens.

Royal canin has a very good milk and it comes with the botle appropriate for the babys.

In the 2 first weeks you should feed them in every two hours, by the third week you can extend to every three or four hours.

Then you can begin to give a bit of solid baby kitten food, choose a good brand since they are beginning to play and will need the strength.

5º Without the kitten's mother you should stimulate them to do do the physiological needs, with some warm and moist cotton massage their genitals until they react .

You should do this before the feeding so they are awake and hungry, and after so they don't get gas and sick of their belly.

These are the basics, don't take too long to stimulate the kitten and avoid him to get cold.

It will be hard, you will loose some good nights of sleep but it will pay with their love.

Accessories for the baby

  • Polar blanket
  • Kitten milk
  • Bottle for babies
  • Baby wipes to stimulate
  • latter on some toys
  • Scratcher
  • Brush


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    • profile image

      Ana 5 years ago

      A neighborhood cat just had 6 new babies in our garage and I don't know what to do with them my mom doesn't want them in the house and I don't know what to feed them when they get older since right now they are 2 days old only I née advice

    • profile image

      Silvia 5 years ago

      Point 4: the kittens shouldn't drink supermarket cow milk! Says there!

    • profile image

      sara 5 years ago

      actually just one week before i had bought i baby cat she is just 2month baby born _ female her name is suziiiii she is realy cute but i think she is sick or may be she is new with me thats why she is not that much comfort with me

    • profile image

      catlover 5 years ago

      i just got orphen kitten i took it to my home i can't get it to sleep please help!!!!!!!!!!!

    • profile image

      cerenity 5 years ago

      Me and my cousins found 2 baby kitten they are about 2 to 3 weeks they are not weak at first they drank warm milk but now we feed them formula there mother got ran over and 2 of there blother and sis died cause the wouldent take human milk but the kittens will drink kitten formula dog formula.

    • profile image

      pauline 5 years ago

      my anser is not even here we find a ew born baby and we cant let it drink milk

    • profile image

      andy 5 years ago

      my cat had 2 kittens and was killed by a car.what to do?dont have anymoney. so iam feeding them worm mink

    • profile image

      angel 5 years ago

      i have a cat recently(new born baby),but it is getting very sick these days. i don't know what to do.

    • LaurenLL profile image

      LaurenLL 6 years ago

      Wow very cute, thanks for sharing.

    • profile image

      alyssa 6 years ago

      i found a new born baby cat in a trash can this was in april the 29 my grama did not wont it it is really sad.

    • profile image

      Steph 7 years ago

      I seriously am in big trouble... I just found a kitten in the garbage disposals, soaking wet last week... so i figured... i should take it home... i'm only 14 and i know nothing about animals... so i fed her some formula milk in a medicine dropper... it's getting weaker and weaker each day... i feel like panicing... my allowance wouldn't probobly supply for a vet consultant... :'(

    • profile image

      Brianna 7 years ago

      I have 4 baby kittens who are all doing very well but they haven't opened there eyes and there 2 weeks old. Should i moved them into light or what?

    • Ellandriel profile image

      Ellandriel 8 years ago from Portugal

      Sometimes mother cats died, are hit by cars, babys are abandonned... is not like they have a choice!

    • profile image

      jeanette 8 years ago

      well i think that mother cats should not leave their kittens alone or else the kittens will die.