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How to treat Dog Flu Symptoms

Updated on March 4, 2016

Treating Dog Flu Naturally

Is your pooch feeling a little under the weather?
Is your pooch feeling a little under the weather?

Treating Dog Flu Naturally...

Much like the human form, dog flu could be a highly infectious virus induced disease with the propensity to cause great hurt to your dog. It's an emerging disease that shares a selection of similarities with the equine flu, so there is a chance that the canine flu truly developed 1st in horses. The canine flu symptoms in your pet will consist mainly of respiratory problems and, if left untreated, might progress into other severe sicknesses, together with pneumonia.

There are 2 general styles of the dog flu, every with totally different, varying degrees of symptoms. Mild type canine flu symptoms include a cough, a lot of like that of 'kennel cough', and a runny nose with thick nasal discharge, sometimes green in colour. The severe kind contains canine flu symptoms that include a high fever and symptoms of the early stages of pneumonia.

While the fatality rate of dogs with dog flu is relatively low at 5 to eight %, it ought to be noted that the canine flu is extremely contagious, and if a dog comes into contact with the virus, there's over eighty % or greater likelihood that it will be full of the virus. There is currently no vaccine or natural immunity to the dog flu, so each dog is at equal risk of infection. With its high rate of infectivity, the dog flu virus will be unfold either through direct contact with infected dogs, or together with your dog's contact with infected chew toys, food, etc.

A cough is generally the primary sign of a dog flu outbreak in your dog or puppy. At now, the most effective remedy is to easily make sure of your dog, making sure it gets a healthy quantity of healthy food, and typically keeping it heat and cosy. If and when your pet progresses to a section where it's seeping inexperienced snot from the nose, then you'll want to consult your veterinarian to obtain some broad spectrum antibiotics to help combat the bacterial that has taken hold of your pet's weakened immune system when the dog flu virus was cleared. With the severe kind of dog flu symptoms, create certain your animal stays well hydrated, as liquid is that the key to preventing a major pneumonia infection in the time once the dog flu was cleared. In order to stop the spread of the dog flu, be certain to stay your infected animal removed from kennels, dog grooming facilities or any space where your dog might be at risk of spreading the dog flu to different dogs. Anything that comes in contact with a dog flu infected animal ought to be immediately washed to stop a dog flu outbreak from spreading.

How do you treat dog flu symptoms?

Since the dog flu is caused by an epidemic, there is no real cure, naturally or via prescription medication, to eradicate it in your animal. A common natural treatment for dog flu among different bacterial and viral sicknesses in your dog is grapefruit seed extract (GSE), that, as the name implies, is made from the mashed up seeds of grapefruit. Tests in laboratories world over have return up with positive results from a GSE treatment. As another benefit, there aren't any known aspect effects to the dosage. If you select to treat the dog flu symptoms with grapefruit seed extract, merely mix some in with your dog's regular meals. Alternative natural means of fighting the dog flu in your pet embody the use of: elecampane, fenugreek, mullein, maritime pine, rosehips, kelp, and coltsfoot. Every of these natural ingredients helps fight respiratory infection and boost the immune system to help control the dog flu virus.

Be sure to consult your veterinarian before picking a conventional or natural treatment to prevent dog flu outbreak.


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    • profile image

      christa 4 years ago

      Hi ek wil net weet is daar enige iets wat ek vir my hond kan gee as hy verkoue het???

    • profile image

      Me 4 years ago

      Hello my dog is sick and it is cofeing please help I don't no what to do I'm so worried

    • profile image

      abby 5 years ago

      my dog is not eatin or drinking he fell bad

    • profile image

      chantelle 6 years ago

      Both my dogs have the snezzes could this be a sign of having dog flu, they both have had full jabs and my 1 year old doesn't seem as lively as normal but younger one seems fine just got snezzes xx

    • profile image

      vets online 7 years ago

      yes it is ok to mix other dogs with puppys without injections.

    • profile image

      vet online 7 years ago

      you can give your pug a half a tablet in the morning and then half at night.

    • keira7 profile image

      keira7 8 years ago

      Its always good to know all this info. Thanks. :)

    • Lady_E profile image

      Elena 8 years ago from London, UK

      Interesting Hub. I never knew dogs suffered from Flu. Then again I've never been into them cos I got bitten by one at the age of 7 and had to have so many injections.

      Royalpetvet is a lovely website. Very informative. I wonder if you have charities for pets where you are, to put on your website. In UK, there is RSPCA amongst others, They rescue stray pets etc.

      Good Luck with it.