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How to treat Dog Acne

Updated on November 10, 2013
How to Treat Dog Acne
How to Treat Dog Acne | Source

Dog Acne Treatment

Just like humans dogs may develop acne that can have serious health implications on the skin of the dog. The development of pimples on the skin that are characterized by pain and swelling is often considered to be canine acne. Dog acne is a result of obstruction of oil glands in the skin and may be seen as swelling and blackheads. The distribution of these blackhead and swellings may be diverse on the skin of the dog and may vary from the muzzle, lip and chin area to the general body. The problem may progress to be an itchy dog condition or serious ulcers on the skin. This requires immediate attention and treatment of dog acne. There are a number of home remedies that you can use to manage or treat dog acne, as discussed in this article.

Evaluation of the Dog Acne

There exists a vast difference between the way acne in humans and dogs is handled. While you may not seriously consider visiting a physician when you wake up one day and you have acne, unless you have a serious attack. Your canine friend needs to be evaluated by a vet before you consider treating him for acne. I highly recommend this because this could be a sign of an underlying problem.

What are the Signs of Dog Acne?

I don’t think there is a precise description of dog acne but I consider observation of distinct red bumps on your dog’s skin to be dog acne. You should however consider your vet advice and examination since it’s very crucial before treatment of dog acne can be started. In most cases the dog acne signs may be localized in a given body area like the chin, lips, face, muzzle or even restricted to the abdominal area. The bumps may also appear alone or in clusters, they may as well be localized to the head alone or diffuse to the whole body. If you have observed these signs, you should think about dog acne.

How to Treat Dog Acne
How to Treat Dog Acne | Source

Use of Topical Application to Treat Dog acne

Most vets will recommend the use of a topical application called benzoyl peroxide that is often prescribed for dog acne treatment. If you are considering using it consulting your vet should not be an alternative since some dogs may react differently to this topical application drug used for treating acne in dogs.

Use of Antibiotics to Treat Dog Acne

In severe cases of dog acne, use of antibiotic for treatment of this severe dog acne may be inevitable. You may also use available antibacterial lotions that don’t have serious side effects.

Conditions that you can confuse with dog acne

Dog Skin conditions are diverse and may be confused if care is not taken when looking for the signs. Obviously experienced pet owners may possibly know dozen of dog skin conditions that are manifested as pimples on dog skin but for inexperienced people it can be a daunting task.

I have therefore considered highlighting dog skin conditions that may be related ort similar to dog acne

  • Demodicosis
  • Puppy Strangles
  • Dermatophytosis

Finally you should also consider available home remedies for treatment of dog acne. You should however exercise caution when treating dog acne with home remedies, unless it’s the ordinary pet grooming procedures.

To sum up the Vet advice should be the starting point for the treatment of dog acne.

Good Luck


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