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Humming Bird

Updated on September 5, 2014

Amazing Life of Humming Bird

Humming bird is very colorful smallest bird measurements is only three to five inches. They are known as the Humming bird because of sound created form their small wings. Humming bird can fly very fast through its small wings they can fly speed of fifty four kilometer per hour.

Humming bird can fly right, left, up and down every where. Although Humming bird is small bird but struggle hard for survival.Humming Bird average lifespan is three to five years but many die during first year of their life. The longest recorded lifespan for Humming bird is twelve years.

Humming birds have no sense of smell but eye sight is very good which help him to found and eat insects and other worms. Despite very small bird humming bird can fly long hours mostly during migration to other places.

Due to cutting of large number of forest and human destruction of echo system humming birds are also facing bad to worse and trying to migrate other safe places.

Geography of Humang Bird

Humming birds are only founds in northern hemisphere from Alaska to Northern Chile. There are two hundred forty species of humming birds Most humming bird from US and Canada migrated to Mexico to spend the winter. It is difficult to know exact population of humming bird because they have several species in different size and color.

Humming can see and hear better than human. Humming bird love bold color like red and pink. Humming bird require enormous amount of food every day. Humming bird have long tongue which help to lick food easily.Human bird drink nectar. Nectar is liquid inside flower they prefer those nectar in which sugar content is high. Humming bird also eat spiders, and insects to fulfill their food requirement and getting protein rich diet.

Species of Humming Bird

Humming birds are the second largest family of birds some three hundred forty different species of humming birds found in different parts of world. The humming birds feet are only for perching and are not used for walking. Like bees humming bird can carry pollen form one tree to another thus playing an important role in plant pollination.

During migration some humming birds make a five hundred miles non stop flight over the gulf of Mexico. Predators such as crows, cats and mice are big enemy of humming bird. some of them lost their lives when caught in spider webs some of them lost their lives during migration process.

Enemies of Humming Bird

Habitat lost and forest destruction are the humming bird main enemies but home gardens, parks are providing some comfort to humming birds. humming birds visits thousands flowers for nectar every day. Humming bird require lot of energy. Humming birds have the fastest heart beat compare to any other bird it can reach up to 1260 per minute's. The Calliope humming bird is the smallest bird found in North America.

The Rufous humming bird can travel very long about three thousand miles during migration period. Humming bird don't migrate in groups Humming bird can dive in the air and some time dive as much as sixty miles per hour. The smallest humming bird is the bee humming bird these birds can only grow 2.25 inches.

The Largest and Smallest Humming Bird

The largest known humming bird is giant humming bird it can grow up to 8 inch. Most of the humming bird die during first year of their life but some can survive successfully four to five years. Humming birds have very good memory they remember all the places where they can find feeders. Most of humming bird species have long and straight bills but in some species bill shape is according to their feeding requirement.

Humming birds spend majority of their time in sitting and perching. Humming bird spend average 10 to 15 percent of their time in feeding and 75 to 80 percent their time in sitting and digesting. Some species of humming bird are so rare they have been found on goods exported to Europe. Each species of humming bird have different sound it depends on number of wing beat per second.

Kinds of Humming Birds

Anna's hummingbird
Magnificent hummingbird
Costa's hummingbird
Green violet-ear
Rufous hummingbird

Basic Facts about Humming bird

  • Weight : .08 - 07 Ounce
  • Length : 1.75 - 8 Inches
  • Heart Rate : 1,260 Beat Per Minute
  • Lifespan : 04 Years
  • Location : Northern Hemisphere

Humming bird building a nest


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