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Hunting Dogs | Hunting Dog Trainers | Hunting Dog Equipment and Supplies

Updated on July 15, 2012
Special Dog Trainer Gear Belts
Special Dog Trainer Gear Belts
Professional Dog Trainer
Professional Dog Trainer
Dog Choker Leash
Dog Choker Leash
Blank Pistol for Training Dogs
Blank Pistol for Training Dogs
Transmitter Lanyard
Transmitter Lanyard
Nylon Transmitter Case
Nylon Transmitter Case
Protective Dog Vest
Protective Dog Vest
Leather Transmitter Cases
Leather Transmitter Cases
Skunk Off-Rapid Skunk Removal
Skunk Off-Rapid Skunk Removal

Hunting dogs are big business, with special kennels, gear and accessories to raise, care for and transport to the next hunt.

Next to being man’s best friend is man’s best hunting companion.

Hunters who utilized hunting dogs have a special bond that is hard to describe unless you are one who can understand just how these dogs work and live for a good hunt to be rewarded for a job well done.

Hunting dogs are big business, with special kennels, gear and accessories to raise, care for and transport to the next hunt.

Professional kennels raise specialized breeds based on the type of hunting the dog will be used for.

While most hunting dogs are used for either feathered bird and water fowl hunts, furry animal hunters also depended on hunting dogs.

The one major test a hunting dog has to pass is the gun shot. Trainers use blank pistols to train and judge if a dog will be able to stand still and follow commands after the loud blast of a gun shooting off next to them.

Hunting dogs are selected by bread and are usually trained to be either pointer’s or retriever’s.

Pointers will walk slowly ahead of a hunter(s) and when they come upon a flock of upland game birds will stop and take on a stance to point them out to the hunter(s).

A retriever will wait until the bird is down and the hunter signals them to go out to retrieve. Retrievers are trained to go out into open fields or to swim out and retrieve water fowl without ever damaging the bird.

Other dogs are trained to be flushers; they will go out ahead of the hunters and flush back wild game such as deer, rabbits or coons.

Coon hunters will let their dogs flush out and run coons until they are tired and run up a tree where the hunters can have a clean shot.

Other hunters will position themselves in a natural trail such as an open area at the bottom of a ravine and wait for the dogs to flush out unexpected game out into the open area.

It is rare but sometimes dogs can be trained to be a mix of different hunting types.

Hunters will train their own dogs from pups or utilize a professional dog trainer based on the type of hunting they will be used for.

Electronic shock collars, high pitched dog whistles and dummy decoys to even live birds as used for training purposes.

Training utilizes verbal, whistles as well as hand signals. While a light electronic shock around the dogs collar is also utilized to teach them the right way to go after the hunt, or used in the field during the actual hunt in case they become distracted

Younger dogs are often teamed up with other mature hunting dogs that can show them the ropes.

Dog accessories include electronic collars and transmitters, as well as specialized gear to protect them.

Dogs that might be running through thick brush and briars can be outfitted with denier nylon vest to protect them from cuts and scratches.

Custom hunting dog and pro-trainer supplies can be purchased at Cottage Craft

Cottage Craft Works carries all the popular dog trainer electronic leather and nylon transmitter holsters, trainer leashes, whistle lanyards and the Pro-Trainer Belt™ by Coyote Company Leather.

A Denier Nylon vest is custom made by Dan’s Briar Proof hunting gear.

You might even consider the Skunk off Kit that immediately removes skunk spray just in case the dogs or you come across a skunk during the hunt.


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