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Hybrid Dogs and For What They Were Intended For

Updated on February 27, 2010

Hybrid Dogs-Creating New Breeds

    Many dog breeders are going crazy mixing different breeds of dogs, making them hybrids, the mixing of two purebred dogs for the benefit of specific advantages of both breeds.

    The mixture of cocker spaniels and poodles have been popular for quite a while now,  as pictured above, for the mixture of the cocker spaniel with the poodle gives a breed that is very intelligent from the poodle, and is a very good and calm family dog from the cocker.  This mixture tends to make the dog a much more mellow and less apt to bite.

    Other mixes that have become popular lately have become very popular, and these mixtures are even being considered becoming a breed by themselves due to their popularity and good natured personalities.

   A new mix called a Labradoodle, or even a miniature Labradoodle are being bred for their coat.  These dogs are a mixture of a Labrador and a poodle or toy poodle, and have become favorites with people who have allergies to dog hair, for these dogs do not have fur, but have hair, therefore do not cause allergy attacks like other breeds do.  These dogs do have a tendency to have hip displasia, and are a very high energy animal, and must be exercised daily or bad habits can become habitual.

   Another mixed breed is the chaweenie, or sometimes called a german taco.  This is a mixture of a chihuahua and a doxie.  They are usually short haired dogs, but can come in a long haired variety because the doxie sometimes is a long haired breed.  These dogs can be snappy, are very protective, and are not a very good kid dog.  They are yappy dogs who love to bark, and you will not break them of this.  They are also very hard to housebreak.

   The mix of a beagle and pug is now referred to as a Peggle.  These dogs are very good family dogs, love kids, and have a very distinctive bark or howl, as they do both at the same time.  They are very smart, and can track and love to play hide and seek due to the beagles love to track scents.

    A Chorkie is the mixture of a chihuahua and a Yorkshire terrier.  They come in several colors, and are a very high energy dog that does much better if walked a couple of times a day.  This breed is extremely smart due to the terrier and love to play all kinds of games.  They do well with older kids, as younger kids may get snapped at if they hurt the dog with accidental injury.

   The Lab jack is a very unique breed that is a mix of a Labrador and a jack terrier.  These dogs must be kept busy, must have obedience training, r they can become bored and destructive in the house.  If you are a outdoor person who likes to have the companionship of your dog, consider this dog for he never runs out of energy, and can be taught almost anything.

   Mixed breed dogs are becoming more and more popular, and soon some of these dogs will be registered with the AKC as their own breeds.

   I have always thought that dogs that are not a purebred are a better family dog, and tend to be calmer and better with children.  There are even more of these hybrid dogs popping up constantly, so keep your eyes open and investigate when looking for a family pet, for some of them make much better animals to have around your family than some of the older breeds. 


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  • ddsurfsca profile imageAUTHOR

    deb douglas 

    8 years ago from Oxnard

    Hybrids are mixes, and I think I said that many times. What I did say though, is that there are those who are trying to get some of the mixes registered as their own breed. This has been done in the past, and this is how we got some of our breeds of dogs today, as the pit bull for example.....nothing you said.


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