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Being A Guinea Pig Owner

Updated on January 5, 2013

New Pets

Late last year, my daughter decided that she's ready to be a pet owner once again. Yup, this time around, she brings home two guinea pigs! ^_^ It's a good thing that she's more grown up now and has been doing everything to learn more about how to take care of guinea pigs.

The pictures above showed them in their old cage. That was the only one we had a month back. After helping a bit and reading through some materials she has researched, we have actually bought materials and put together a bigger cage for our lovable guinea pigs! They loved it as they jumped around ("popcorning") when they were first moved to it. Even I love the cage that we put together as it's not your typical out of the box cage. We actually had to spend some time at the hardware store to look over some materials as we put it all together in our heads. The best part is... the bonding moment with my daughter! ^_^

Updates (2012/08/29) : I can't believe that it's been 7 months since I originally posted this hub. I've recently shared how we care for our guinea pigs on another platform. Gin and Nea are much bigger now. Plus, their appetites seem to have grown too. Follow the link for more updated photos of Gin and Nea. ^_^

Updates (2013/01/05) : Gin and Nea are at least a year old now. We're planning to have a new cage for them soon. It's going to be another DIY cage. I will post new photos when it's done. Plus, we plan to add another pair of guinea pigs soon. ^_^

their new cage! yey! ^_^
their new cage! yey! ^_^

Favorite Guinea Pig Videos

To the Guineacycle


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    • Apostle Jack profile image

      Apostle Jack 5 years ago from Atlanta Ga

      Very interesting.Thanks for sharing. I love all God's creatures and i am always astonish by his ingenuity of creation.