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Important Details on How to Keep Bees

Updated on July 15, 2010

People keep bees for two different reasons.There are those who keep them as a hobby and there are those that keep them for commercial purposes.The latter vend honey gotten from bees and the bees themselves to make money.Before you go into bee keeping, it is crucial that carry out the required research on how bees are kept as well as the required equipment.

You will need a beehive if you wish to keep bees.This is where the bees will be kept.You can get a tree with a natural beehive that has been abandoned, if you are very lucky.However, you can purchase a beehive from other beekeepers.

Either you could wait in patience for the bees to get your hive or you may simply order them in. A hive is a wooden structure that is similar to a small wooden cabinet.There ought to be five supers in the hive.These are the spaces where the bees keep their honey.You ought to position the supers in between the top cover of the hive and its base.

All supers ought to hold between nine and ten frames.You ought to have spacer, define as wooden planks to space out the frames. This is where the bees will keep the honey and their offspring.Deciding whether the supers must be shallow or deep is vital. Next, you must decide on the spot where the hives are to be erected.

Flat locations come highly commended.The hives are steadier on flat surfaces.Accordingly, it will not tip over even when there are strong winds.It is important that the bees are not disturbed.You ought to also place the hive somewhere animals and human will not be able to access it.

Once the bees have made enough honey, you need to collect or harvest it.To do this you require smokers.These are equipment pieces utilized for purposes of smoking bees out of their hives in order for the honey inside the spacers to be collected securely. Funnels and bellows are used in the construction of smokers.In addition to the smokers, you require such other smoking materials as burlaps and corncobs to help create the smoke.In most instances, the beehive comes with a metal tool that you may use to open the hive and scrape honey from the frames.You can use the furmer board to encourage bees to vacate the supers so that you may collect the honeycombs.


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