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Indoor Bunny Toys – Keep your Rabbit entertained for hours

Updated on October 7, 2007

Bunny Welcomes You To The Bunny Jungle

Rabbits can be a bit like children. Buy them an expensive toy, and five minutes later you see them happily chewing through the box. Some people don't think that rabbits need toys, but those people generally find that their rabbit keeps itself entertained chewing on the wiring of their house and tearing up the furniture. This is the rabbit version of play, so you can either provide suitable places to play, and objects for your bunny to wreak havoc upon, or you can say goodbye to the polished good looks of your home.

Rabbits generally like to remodel their environment, so a cardboard box big enough to push around, chew on, and generally beat the hell out of can be a fun toy for any rabbit. It creates an obstacle they can use to hide behind when they do their mad sprints, and it is easy to dispose of and replace once they destroy it entirely.

You can get creative with cardboard too. Breaking down a box can open up a wide array of possibilities. You can build tunnels, small ramps, or perhaps even a satellite if you know what you're doing. Bunny may not be particularly interested in a satellite, but you never know.

When they're not remodeling, rabbits often enjoy picking things up and tossing them. You can purchase "flip and toss" toys from your local pet store especially for this purpose. I purchased my rabbit one, and she has faithfully ignored it since that day, preferring to flip and toss the hated brush that is used on her when she'd much rather be causing bunny anarchy elsewhere.

Inner cardboard rolls from various things can make good flip and toss toys, essentially, anything cardboard is a good idea, assuming your rabbit doesn't eat it. Watch bunny at work, are there loads of cardboard shavings around, or is the box simply dissapearing? Rabbits tend to enjoy doing things that might kill them, so keep an eye on them whenever they are playing with any toy.

Wood is a great toy material as long as it is untreated. Gnawing on wood wears those ever growing teeth down, and provides a real challenge for the bunny on a mission. Wooden blocks, ramps,and houses are all good environmental toys for a rabbit. You can even create jumps and obstacle courses with a little bit of imagination and effort, something that will keep both you and your bunny entertained for hours.

Essentially the rules are simple. Keep it safe, keep it fun.


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    • profile image

      sar 3 years ago

      so cute!!!

      thanks for the info!

    • profile image

      Kelly , bunny velvet 3 years ago

      If I gave my rabbit a telephone cord shed probably eat it she basically eats anything she can find in my room Mary boards bandaid wrappers pieces of paper left on the floor what would be some ideas for safe toys that wouldn't hurt her if she ate them

    • profile image

      Jenny 3 years ago

      I have also a female rabbit she was lazy and always sit here from there and waste time in sleeping what can i do by which she became happy and do not be lazy...

    • profile image

      jennie 6 years ago

      are popsicle sticks okay to play with my bunny with ? how about tissues ?

    • profile image

      Renglish 6 years ago

      My bunny eats everything! Ive read all kinds of articles. Ive given him cardboard and all but he is not xhewing, he's eating. What toy is safe ti eat? He also eats my carpet!

    • profile image

      CuteRabbits 6 years ago


      I made this toy for my bunny, she just loves it, she tosses it and throws it around.

      What you have to do is get a toilet roll

      Cut it in to 7-8 circles

      Put the rings it to each other and form a ball

      Make a little hole and put its favourite food in it

      Then close it!

      It will LOVE it!!!!


    • profile image

      chloe 6 years ago

      another thing you can do is,

      you can tie a piece of string to the roof of your rabbit's enclosure (it must be about a hand above the ground)and then attach a paper clip to the other end of the string. Wedge a piece of cabbage or lettuce between the paper clip.

      your bunny will have loads of fun chasing it around.

    • profile image

      Skylar wright 6 years ago

      I love the idea of the tunnels and stuff ill defffinatlly try that soon!!!!!!!

    • KevinTimothy profile image

      Kevin J Timothy 7 years ago from Tampa Bay, FL


      Great idea with the hidden treats in the TP rolls. I think I'll try that as soon as a roll becomes available. Shouldn't be a problem in my home considering how often we go through toilet paper. :)

      Today I'm going to start experimenting with carboard box tunnels, too.

    • profile image

      snuggs 7 years ago

      i have 3 bunnies all between 1 and 3 years of age. The best thing ever invented is cardboard toilet rolls, all 3 of mine love them. i usually cut up bits of fruit and veg and the occasional treat pack in some hay and they love trying to get the treats out by flicking and tossing the rolls around. also you can get treat balls, i fill mine with fruit treats once a month and they all have a game of football and get a treat :).

    • profile image

      Funny bunny 7 years ago

      My bunny loves to jump on things and claw the dirt! B)

    • profile image

      Jammie 7 years ago

      an idea for another toy is a phone cord.. we gave my albino mini rex one and he just chews it up, doesn't swallow any of it just naws on it its good for their teeth too..

    • profile image

      smokey 7 years ago

      Smokey is new and were not sure what to do for him our old rabbit thunder had his own special kingdom but it was made especialy for thunder any sugestions

    • profile image

      R. 7 years ago

      Britt thanks loads my rabbit loves cardbord rolls never thought of them thank you

    • profile image

      britt 7 years ago

      hi! my bunny loves paper towel rolls, cat balls with the bell inside, i lay on the ground with an old blanket he likes to cuddle up with me , and last night i made him a little cardboard box hut he went nuts!! binkies galore!!

    • profile image

      wes man 8 years ago

      yea i had a bunny for almost a year and it died on me but i gave it card bord and he did not chew it he would EAT IT and i want to know if that my be what killed him i would like to know what happened because i loved him

    • profile image

      Sammy rocks!!! 8 years ago

      rabbit master What is wrong with you. Bunny lover asked a simple question. Why didn't you anwser yo yos question? Newbie, there are some rabbit rescue shelters and most fix them before they are up for adoption.

    • profile image

      Newbie 8 years ago

      I really want a bunny but i'm not sure where the best place is to get one that is cheep and i want them already spayed or neautered. Do you have any suggestions?

    • profile image

      laura 8 years ago

      ive gott a 9 week old bunny and i when i get him out after a bit he will start chewing/gnawing at my hoody. does he not like me? what can this be about.

    • profile image

      rabbit master 8 years ago


    • profile image

      Bunny lover.. 8 years ago

      is a slinky meant for a baby bunny or does it matter what age they are???

    • profile image

      yo yo  8 years ago

      My bunny lives with his other rabbit friend and there is also a guinea pig with them they have a HUGE CAGE I MEAN IT IS HUGE. BUT SENCE I GOT THE new rabbit the two off them stick together and leave the guinea pig alone and it really upsets me.Befour i got the new one the rabbit and he guinea pig loved eachother and im not getting another one.i do play with him but he seams lost with out the other rabbit.But i do love them all please help me

    • profile image

      tinsle 8 years ago

      great tips! all my bunnys loved there new toys there favorate thing was when put there veg in the carbord tubs

    • profile image

      kathy 8 years ago

      my bunny also likes to chew on popsicle stick that have been dipped in apple juice

    • profile image

      Jess 9 years ago

      Stupid people should not be allowed pets. Anyway, great post as usual.

    • profile image

      Nish 9 years ago

      Heyy x

      I have tried most of your ideas but im looking for some more very exciting obstacles and fun things to do for my baby bunny he has toys,tunnels,cardboard houss and wood blocks but i always want something new to do with him so he never gets bored of the other things so maybe if i check back here in a couple of days the please can you write some very cool ideas down so i can try them with my new bunny Romeo (He's called Romeo because hes born on the 14th feb Valentine's Day) anyway please wright back soon x

      Nish xx

    • profile image

      FLIPPN OUT HERE 9 years ago





    • profile image

      ivy cates 9 years ago

      you stink!!!!!!!

    • profile image

      twitches 9 years ago

      my bunny is kinda new to me and i dident train him when i first got him so he kinda chews on just about everything i don't know wat to do anymore im goin nutts wat can i do i made him a little house made out of cardboard filled with cut up pAPER AND HS SCARED of it wat do i do PLEASE HELP

    • profile image

      SAJAX 9 years ago

      ...he-e-e-l-p me....

    • profile image

      cookie!! 9 years ago

      thanks for all the help

      my lovely little bunny is interacting withme much morewith the ideas

      unfortunately my bunny eats everythingg - so i don't know how to entertain him

      pls help


    • profile image

      felixrabbit 10 years ago

      Dear Bunniez, plz help me.... I've tried so many times to make a toy for my dear bunny, from a cardboard toilet paper roll to baby rattles. He likes none of them. He prefer pulling out the entire ribbon roll (if he sees one), pulling down plastic and rubber ties, and gnawing wires. when I gave him natural woods and baby rattle to be tossed, he ignored them and prefer tossing plastic saucers and teaspoons. What kind of toys should I give him? He likes to play with me, but when I'm not at home, I'm afraid he'll be frustated without any toy to play with.

    • Bunniez profile image

      Bunniez 10 years ago

      From what I understand, eating cardboard is not good for your bunny, especially if it contains dyes. I would suggest that bunnies who eat cardboard not be given cardboard toys to play with. Instead wicker and wood alternatives may be better options.

    • profile image

      Emma  10 years ago

      My bunny kinda has the same problem as floppy's bunny...he eaths everything he plays with. Its just crazy, whole cardboard toilet paper rolls just vanish. I tried natural wood toys and he tried to eat those too. I watched him and he really doesn't spit out one single bite. Plastic stuff isn't working either. He loves to eat newspapers if he can find any. I'm glad though I got him trained in his young years because he doesn't touch any of the other stuff in my room except I give something to him and let him play with it. Wires and clothes are safe in my room.

      I don't know what to do with him. I have to watch him when he goes oustide cause he'll try to eat poisonous plants. I have to add though, he gets fed more than engough, so he can not be hungry...any suggestions?

    • profile image

      floppy 10 years ago

      my bunny loves to throw around and chew on the cardboard toilet paper rolls. my concern is that he also likes to eat them! should I be concerned about this and is there any health risks involved with him eating cardboard?


    • Bunniez profile image

      Bunniez 10 years ago

      It depends on the source of the dirt I would say. If it is just earth and soil and things like that it should be fine. If it is chemical dirt, sprays, paints, things like that I would not use them.

    • profile image

      Kaylan 10 years ago

      hi, I have plenty of card bords boxes, but they were out in a dusty building, if i wipe them off are they safe? i'm weird when it comes to my bunny and dirt, and bactiria.

    • Bunniez profile image

      Bunniez 10 years ago

      So sorry stephanie, I hope you find what you wand to find one day. :)

    • profile image

      Sad-cat-3 10 years ago

      also I have found that If you get a box cut a hole in the front to let you bunny get in then in the back cut a hole about a size of a dollor bill place the box in the corner and your bunny will finish the hole and make it into another opening to go through.

      more cool toys that will entertain you bunny is a slinkey, when my friend anne came over she brought her slinkey and put it in the bunny cage for three hours my bunny was having a blast with the slinkey.

      so I just want to say thank you Anne Pedersin for giving my bunny hours of fun.

      If you have any questions about bunnies, you can E-mail me because I can help you my E-mail is I can answer any of you comments questions or conserns about your bunny

    • profile image

      stephanie D 10 years ago

      thank you but this did not help me what I wanded to find


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