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An Interview With A Greyhound - From Ex Racer To Couch Potato

Updated on November 26, 2014

Declan is an ex racing greyhound who was adopted by his Mum's from kennels in June 2011 at the end of his racing career.

After one or two 'minor' hiccups he has adapted well to domestic life and is now enjoying his retirement and directing proceedings from the comfort of his sofa!

In an attempt to keep himself mentally active Declan stars in his own blog and has a growing following on facebook boasting friends from all over the globe!

He is currently working on living up to his 'cat friendly' status, but says that might take a little while longer.

Tell Us About Your Career As A Racing Greyhound...

Were you any good?

We don't condone greyhound racing in our house, so I have been asked not to dwell on it, but I think I was quite good!

My name was Barrigone Bank back in those days and my last race was on Valentine's Day in 2011.

Mum thinks I had several injuries during my career but I did manage to win a dozen or so races.

So How Did You End Up Living With Your Mum's?

Why did they choose to adopt an ex racing greyhound like yourself?

Err.... could it be because I am so handsome and irresistable?

Actually Mum’s had another greyhound before me. Flynn was 12 ½ when he passed away suddenly on 25thMay 2011. I suppose they always knew that they would have another greyhound eventually and decided to look around for one in October after their holidays…

…but hold on, wasn’t it only June when they spotted my handsome physique on the Wolverhampton RGTwebsite?

As I said…. Irresistible!

How Did You Adapt To Domestic Life After Life In The Kennels?

Did you miss the other greyhounds?

Miss my friends? Ooh no! It was nice not having to compete for attention, it was nice to have somebody wait on me hand and paw!

We did have a few minor hiccups though... Mum noticed that I had a lump on my tummy so I had to go back to see the track VET who said that I needed a minor operation because I had a hernia.

Then I had a bad tummy which took months to clear up...

Then there was the other minor misdemeanor which I don't like to remind Mum about...

Oh dear mice appear to have eaten the seatbelt Mum!
Oh dear mice appear to have eaten the seatbelt Mum!
OMD that must have been some mouse to have eaten through both of them!
OMD that must have been some mouse to have eaten through both of them!

Minor Misdemeanor?

Don't you listen? I said that I don't like to remind Mum about the seat belt incident!

I don't know what they were so upset about... it's not that often anybody sits in the back of the car!

Personally I would blame Ford for not making their dog guards pointy nose proof!

I mean, what use is a dog guard if it doesn't extend all the way to the sides of the car.... I think there would be a reasonable argument to claim from the manufacturer mum...

Anyway, it's a good job that my Mum is an Engineer and came up with an ingenious way of extending the rather inadequate dog guard...

Nom nom nom nom nom.... Doh... caught in the act!
Nom nom nom nom nom.... Doh... caught in the act!
£250, 2 seat belts, 2 cooling racks and a bunch of cable ties later...
£250, 2 seat belts, 2 cooling racks and a bunch of cable ties later...

How Important Are Clothes To You?

Pet wear is very trendy these days, do you have an extensive wardrobe of Greyhound apparel to choose from?

Well, I wouldn't call it an extensive wardrobe... not really!

You can see me in various greyhound jackets and sweaters below and I also have a blue raincoat, green raincoat, another 2 fleece jackets and a high viz storm jacket so that I can be seen in the dark, oh and I mustn't forget my snoods!

It may seem a little excessive to some but you have to remember that greyhounds don't have a lot of fat and fur to keep them warm, we easily feel the cold... brrr.... now where's that sweater?

Oooh I forgot to mention my collar collection....

It's important to have a selection of collars to match any outfit and occasion!

I can't count very well. but I think that I have about 12 collars.

There's my purple ones, my stripey holiday collar, my nautical flag collar, my X Factor, and I just got a new one with lots of coloured stars on which is my Christmas collar.

I get all of my collars from MeggieMoo, they custom make the collars to fit almost any breed of dog. Meggie lives in Denmark but they post all over the World and it's really quick delivery too!

What Are Your Favorite Treats?

And to what lengths will you go to get them?

Oh you have me licking my lips just thinking about treats!

Mum makes some very nice homemade pork crunchies and biscuits, and I do like a good gnaw on a bone and a chomp on a pigs ear. But my all time favorite has to be my Kong Wobbler!

I was given one of these to review on my blog and I have to say that I have lots of fun with the Kong Wobbler! Mum fills mine with healthy treats like chopped carrot and I spend ages pushing it around trying to get them out! It really keeps me occupied, interested and makes me do a little bit of work getting the pieces out

The swimming was one of my favourite events!
The swimming was one of my favourite events!

Do You Manage To Keep Yourself Active?

Oh yes I like to have a spot of exercise between snoozes... I've even taken part in the Blogville Olympics!

Though I may have struggled slightly with the pole vault, I think I dominated the digging and equestrian events!

After all that exertion do you have a favorite place to relax?

Oh yes, that will be my sofa!


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