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Invisible fences, a great solution to keep your pets safe

Updated on August 9, 2009

Keep pets in and worries out


If our pets could talk, they would likely remind us almost constantly, of how much they would enjoy staying more outdoors. Unfortunately, this desire cannot always be granted because as responsible owners we are understandably concerned about our pet's safety.

Too many pets after all, accidentally slip out the door and their pictures end up being displayed at shelters and animal hospital's bulletin boards with the big letters LOST on top. Many have not returned and those that did were often hospitalized. This is why the owners of a missing dog should always call veterinarian hospitals around, good samaritans often will drop them off if they find them injured.

A dog running out a door is an accident about to happen. It can be hit by car, roam around the neighborhood and get into garbage, accidentally ingest toxins, poisonous plants and rat poisons. It can be adopted by whoever finds him and you may never see him again.

This is why invisible fences are gaining much popularity. Most veterinarians, animal shelters and trainers most likely would recommend one. It is a very safe way to keep pets contained but yet happy to enjoy the outdoors without having to install costly, large and often unsightly, fences.

Invisible fences are the answer to your dog's desire to run, play, sniff and explore the wonderful outdoors. No more gaining weight because of lack of exercise. Plenty of fresh air and an active lifestyle are an enormouse relief to your dog's boredome and frustration. It is actually a fact that many behavior issues arise when a dog is not properly exercised and active enough. Being confined within four walls for a long time was not his real expectation of life after, all.

Now with spring and summer close you want your dog (or even cat) to start appreciating the nice warm breezes and enjoy the luxury of taking a nap under the sunshine. In the meanwhile, you can feel confident and enjoy the peace of mind that he will not go over the boundaries that have been purposely set within your yard.

The invisible fence works by sending painless radio signals picked up by a special collar your dog must wear. It is a humane way of training your dog to stay within the designated area you chose.

Passerbyers will not get alarmed at the sight of your dog running loose because there will be special signs to alert them.

With some invisible fences you can also protect areas that you want off limits such as flower beds, pools, vegetables. Installation guides will walk you through step by step instructions.

Whether you have less than 1 acre or almost 100 acres the invisible fence seems to have come to the perfect solution: grant the dog's biggest wish and provide the owners with priceless peace of mind.


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