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Is It Time For Your Dog to Get a Job?

Updated on February 18, 2013

A future star?

Is It Time For Your Dog to Get a Job?

Are you getting a little tired of seeing Rover and Fido reclining on the couch with sleepy eyes, while you go out to work a second job - or to find a job? It seems people in New York City are sending their dogs out to earn some money in show business (see agencies listed below). And cats often earn more than dogs.

Working dogs are not new - While dogs working, and working hard, is not a new concept throughout history - even today dogs are specially trained to work for the FBI, and police departments, etc. - the modern dog, however, can find employment in fashion and in show business. Every time you see a dog in a commercial, in a print ad, in the movies, or modeling - it is probably someone's friendly companion earning a good bit of money.

One NYC woman answered an online ad and took her two Chihuahuas to be interviewed. They were booked for a fashion show and walked the runway. They were paid in doggie fashions. However, the next time the two dogs were booked - for a photo shoot - they earned $100.00

A recent news article offered some suggestions on how to prepare your pups to be stars:

1 - be sure they are healthy and well groomed, with nails clipped, fur coat shiny, and teeth clean

2 - yes, looks do matter, but so does personality and good cooperative behavior

3 - when interviewed, staff members will evaluate whether your pup can obey basic commands and is confident around people

4 - shy dogs won't work

5 - your pooch has to be well acclimated to crowds and should not be frightened by loud noises

Once you find an agency:

1 - send in photos and basic information about your pet

2 - if producers like what they see, your pet will be booked

As far as payment - for dogs lucky enough to be booked, the money can vary. One agency pays a flat rate of $300.00 per day for dogs - and, surprise! - cats earn even more. Cats can earn $350 per day.

For local print jobs, animals can make between $200-$500 for a full day of work.

A local newspaper in NYC listed the following agencies -

- All Tame Animals (in NYC)

- Hollywood Paws (in Los Angeles)

- and of course there are the internet ads

The New York City pet owner who had her dogs walk the cat walk said she has no ambition to make her pets super stars - they were bored and she wanted to give them something to do. They seemed to enjoy it - and the agencies say they want to know that you and your pet are having a good time.

You may not want your dog to have a star on the Hollywood Walk of Fame like Lassie - but perhaps you do have the next star laying there on the couch with sleepy eyes watching you leave for your second job - or to find a job.

Good luck!

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