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Is Peeing on the Furniture a Kitten Health Problem?

Updated on May 17, 2012

Is peeing on the furniture a kitten health problem or behavior problem? Kitten behavior problems often stem from insecurity and/or frustration. When your kitten pees on the furniture he is telling you that something is bothering him.

Cats are by nature, solitary and independent. They resent intrusions upon, and changes in their normal routines. Frustration can be brought about by changes in the living pattern, or the inability to express normal biological drives such as sex, hunting and aggressive play.

When relapses occur in a well-trained cat there are several possible causes. A health problem may be present, such as a bladder or bowel infection. The cat or kitten might be reacting to an emotional insecurity or might become jealous of another animal or baby in the house. The odor of urine or feces in the carpet, or on the floor may attract a previously well-trained cat and cause him to select that spot for future eliminations.

Cats and kittens dislike dirty pans. Often, they will refuse to use them unless they are cleaned. The treatment of a relapse in training depends upon finding the cause and then taking steps to correct it. A visit to the vet for a check-up might be in order.

Peeing on the Furniture could be a kitten health problem or behavior problem, but should never be confused with spraying. Spraying is most commonly defined as the periodic squirting of urine around the home while still using his litter pan for routine eliminations. It is most common in the Tom cat but can also occur in breeding females and neutered cats of both sexes. It is an expression of territorial marking and is associated with the rubbing of body oils (from the chin and tail) on favored objects. It will occur when a cat or kitten feels his territory is threatened by an intruder. Frequently it is an advertisement that sex is available and increases during the mating season or during courtship. It may be brought on by jealousy, insecurity, or a break-down in the relationship between the cat or kitten and his owner.

Spraying shouldn't be mistaken for a lapse in toilet training. Spraying usually takes place at ankle height, which distinguishes it from a litter pan problem.

My educated guess would be that peeing on the furniture is a kitten behavioral problem 90% of the time and a kitten health problem only 10% of the time. Try to observe any changes in the relationship that you and your kitten went through when he started peeing on the furniture, and you should discover the answer.

References: The Cat Owner's Home Veterinary Handbook by Delbert G. Carlson, D.V.M and James M. Giffin, M.D. - First Edition


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    • hglick profile imageAUTHOR


      9 years ago from Ronkonkoma, NY

      cjv, That's a nice story about Ellie May. I've had 3 of my rescues die within the last year. Patches death hurt me the most. He was one of the most well behaved cats I've ever had, and loved snuggling under the blankets. But I keep running into other lost kitty souls out there that need my help, and that's why I continue the feedings and trappings.

      Unfortunately cats are very resistant to change. This will sometimes cause them to pee where they shouldn't. It's their way of rebelling. They can be trained to use the litter box regularly through frequent cleanings and multiple boxes. Unfortunately though it will require great patience.

    • cjv123 profile image


      9 years ago from Michigan

      I've done rescue for about 20 years. For my entire married life, we've had cats and little Yorkies or Yorky mixes. Every single cat I've owned, at one time or another -- has peed where they shouldn't. A few did it chronically. When my Persian Ellie May died last year - I told my husband - " I'm not going to scoop any kitty litter again..." I loved that sweet, sweet little kitty and she was the most behaved. She always liked to pee in - clean laundry baskets or plastic empty ones or - open suitcases. Usually though - she peed where she was supposed to. Anyway - I always wondered why kitty's did this with us. I'm sure it had to do with our 21 moves in 25 years. My husband was in the Army (recently retired). I tried every known thing to man and beast to make these moves easy for them - but somehow the move upset my kitties and I always have to worry about them missing the box. One would go right in the bathtub -- #2 -- if she was mad at me (like if I went away).

      This is a great Hub - I love all your kitty pictures. I miss my kitties - but whatever it is - no matter how hard I tried (buying them very expensive cat trees, cat toys, the best food money could buy etc.) they always found a way to let me know they still weren't happy about something! LOL

    • hglick profile imageAUTHOR


      9 years ago from Ronkonkoma, NY

      quicksand, that solves everything. Merry xmas and Happy New Year to you and your family

      crazybeanrider, Yep, cat's hate change, and in most cases an adjustment period is necessary. Thank You for your comments.

    • crazybeanrider profile image

      Boo McCourt 

      9 years ago from Washington MI

      I had a cat several years start peeing in a corner, I had gotten a new kitten. Once the cat adjusted to the kitten the peeing stopped.

      Good hub.Enjoyed reading it, and getting the information.

    • quicksand profile image


      9 years ago

      No problem! Our cat is trained to be an outdoor animal!

      Merry Xmas and a Happy New Year!


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