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Is your horse nervous, tense and unfocused....?

Updated on August 28, 2016

Healthy focused equines.

As an equestrian we are always concerned about the health and welfare of our beloved equines, and we want what is good and natural for them. So when my farrier evaluated my horse, he felt my Haflinger's neck was a little too thick and he was somewhat tense. I always prided myself on getting the best nutrition I could and doing what was best for him, so I investigated different supplements and feed to better help him live a good quality life. An advantage for me was that I work at a well known equine retail store, so the information was readily available to me. So not only can I make this recommendation, but I know it first hand as well as knowing my customers keep coming back for it.

If your horse is nervous and his muscles tense, is easily distracted and looses focus during training, it may be due to a lack of proper minerals in his diet and not because he is being difficult. I make reference to he...only for personal preference not for any other reason....especially since I have a gelding. Anyway....back to the subject at in addition to the above mentioned characteristics others might be, a cresty neck, easy keeper, prone to founder and obesity, and difficult weight management.

Quiessence is a magnesium based feed supplement that can help the irritable, high strung, nervous and sore equine. In my research to help my horse lose a cresty or thick neck, as well as relieve his tense slightly spooky actions, I found that Quiessence also helps horses that are prone to founder, makes them easier to work with on the ground, less spooky and touchy, and of course easier to ride. Horses become more focused and less distracted in training and in the ring. Personally, within 2 weeks of using this supplement, Dan, my Haflinger, started to lose his thick neck, was less tense during riding and the spookiness was less and less. I was totally amazed that a natural product was able to achieve all these benefits....and the price is so you might be thinking what is in this product...nothing bad, and one can use it before shows...there is nothing that would be illegal for a show horse to have in his system. Another benefit to using this supplement is that it helps relieve muscle soreness...awesome. The ingredients are few and simple....magnesium, chromium, and B vitamins. When using for the first time, a loading dose of once in the morning feed and once at night helps deliver a quicker response....I did the loading dose for a week...and it certainly made a difference.

So if you are looking to have a more calm disposition in your beloved equine, help your equine become less nervous and tense, more focused and able to concentrate in your training, riding the trails or in the show ring, relieve muscle soreness after a more difficult lesson or training exercise give Quiessence a really works, I know...I use it consistently.

Happy your equine!!!!


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