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It’s off to the Groomers for You Fella (A Visit to the Dog Groomer)

Updated on September 20, 2018
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Eileen loves to travel as much as possible, both at home in the U.K. and abroad, with local places of interest high on her to-visit list.

In need of the Groomer

What a tash!
What a tash!


Our rescue dog Tinka has always been challenging but he has proved to be worth each and every hurdle we have had to climb.

Grooming was just one issue.

Previously we groomed our dogs at home until along came Leo who needed a trim at the groomers occasionally.

Then along call a ball of fur and fun and attitude called Tinka.

Not only did he need fairly regular trims he is never easy to brush.

As for trimming those long thin nails which grow at record speed you gotta be joking.

So a regular groomer was needed and fast.

Finding a reputable Grooming Service

There are so many dog grooming services where I live it is obviously one growth industry.

But these groomers pop up and disappear just as quickly. You love your pet dog so why would you hand him or her over to just anyone?

Perhaps the service closest to home is not the best on offer?

  • Research local groomers online looking for impartial reviews
  • Word of mouth recommendations are always best if they are via someone whose opinion you value
  • When you visit the establishment take a good look around at the staff, the shop, the grooming parlour and any dogs having a make over. This will often tell you all you need to know
  • Good establishments are fully open and you can see the staff at work


Prices can vary a great deal but basically depend on the size of your dog and what sort of cut you want.

Our groomer offers a basic face, feet and bum service between cuts if needed. It involves a bath and full brush but only the fur around the dog’s face and bottom area is trimmed, plus the dog’s nails.

This is useful occasionally for Tinka as he has a dropped tail and his hips are a little high. This can result in a messy bottom at times. While we attend to this ourselves usually there have been occasions when we have booked one of these appointments. They are quicker and cheaper than the works and less stressful too if that matters for your pet.

Some dogs do not really need a groomer and simply have a hose down outside at home but during wintertime that is not ideal. Our groomer also offers simple baths:-

  • Bath and towel drys at £10
  • Blow drys which start from £15 for small dogs and £22 for large or long haired dogs
  • And all baths also include a free nail clip

Check prices before your pet’s appointment with the dog groomer as they can vary.

When Tinka is having a full trim, the equivalent of a number one in men’s hair cuts, it usually costs £32. He is bathed, trimmed, blow-dried and fully groomed. Hi nails are clipped too.

The result is a smooth and silky coat which has a beautiful scent.

That cut last’s a good three months but if we want his fur to be long it lasts longer. However his fur gets tangled as it grows though he will let me trim bits of fur. That however can be hit and miss and requires a ton of treats!

All done, neat and sweet

Before today’s visit
Before today’s visit
Courtnery bathing a puppy
Courtnery bathing a puppy
Tinka ready for collection
Tinka ready for collection
Good job we took his coat along. Remnants of Storm Ali brought high winds and heavy rain at times
Good job we took his coat along. Remnants of Storm Ali brought high winds and heavy rain at times
Home again safe, sound and handsome
Home again safe, sound and handsome

With Experience

It is possible to get a home visit if desired. You will have to search for a mobile grooming service.

We enjoy the 30 minutes or so walk to the groomers.

Tinka soon susses where he is going, either the vet’s or the groomer’s as they are near to each other. But the walk gets rid of excess energy, allows him to relief himself and settles him down.

There are pet grooming services closer to home but some are fairly new.

For us Oakwood works well.

Oakwood also has a rescue charity which was home to Tinka before he came to us. He was familiar with some of the staff from his brief time as a foster dog.

This is why we initially chose this groomers.

There have been some staff changes but Tinka has settled with one young woman who he gets on well with. Occasionally another groomer has to stand in but he accepts that now.

It may sound as if we pander to Tinka but that is not the case. He came to us after a period of biting and snapping and we still watch out and take care.

Overall now though he is a sweetie most of the time.

Finally his personality suits his looks.


There are groomers that ask you to leave your dog with them for almost a full morning or afternoon. There are also reports that some groomers drug the dogs in their care.

We take Tinka to the groomers and then pop to a nearby pub for lunch returning about an hour to an hour and half later.

As everything is on view we can see it is all above board.

Take care choosing a groomer for your dog.

© 2018 Ethel Smith


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