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Jedi, The Four Legged Bodyguard

Updated on October 9, 2014

Jedi, Our Family Guard Dog

While the Jedi in the Star Wars movie was a "Guardian of the Galaxy", our very own Jedi was the family guardian, protecting us from all kinds of intruders, both human and animal. When we first decided to keep him,there was a long debate as to the best name to fit the latest addition to our family. My son, a Star Wars fan was adamant on picking the name Jedi. It has turned out to be an appropriate name for our puppy.

Jedi, like other German Shepherds is a magnificent pedigree. Very alert and intelligent, he was really a very smart dog. I remember distinctly two incidents where Jedi lived up to his namesake as a Jedi warrior!

One afternoon we could hear Jedi barking furiously in the garden. His bark was such that it caused us to investigate what was causing him to react that way. On investigating the commotion I had a shock. He was barking at a snake which was about a meter long. Now this was not any grass snake but a cobra, a young cobra. I may not know much about snakes but I have watched enough National Geographic programs to know that a snake slithering with its head up was a cobra. They may not be known to attack humans but I was not taking any chances. What was a cobra doing in my garden anyway?

Photo courtesy of National Geographic

I quickly got everyone into the house including Jedi. He looked as if he wanted to have a go at the snake. We all stood in front of the glass door staring at the cobra which was hissing away. My husband was away and a phone call to him was not much help either. All he said was stay indoors. The snake will soon go away! Yes, but what if it came back. The solution was to kill it but how?

"He is your friend, your partner, your defender, your dog. You are his life, his love, his leader. He will be yours, faithful and true, to the last beat of his heart."

Man power was needed for this job and I went out to see if any of my neighbors was about. Luckily my next door neighbor was in and he came over to my house immediately with his two sons. After assessing the situation, one of his sons suggested hitting the snake with a golf club. He had been going for lessons on the driving range and saw this as a chance to practice his golf swing. I think his coach never told him the golf club was not meant for swinging at cobras! Who cares! Certainly I was not going to argue about the wisdom of using that expensive golf club in the preservation of human life.

He took a great whack at the snake and after the second attempt managed to knock down the cobra. What a relief! It was then finishing the demolition job with a hatchet to make sure the snake was TOTALLY dead! Thank goodness for the warning from Jedi. All this time, Jedi was pulling at the leash wanting to have a go at the snake. We felt he had done his job and it was now up to us to complete the job. Catastrophe was averted by his timely warning. Imagine what might have happened if he had not alerted us to the danger! My daughter who was playing in the garden at the time might have been hurt.

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Dog attacking a man
Dog attacking a man

Intruders Beware, Jedi Is On Patrol Duty!

Another occasion where Jedi showed his protective instincts was one night when all of us had gone to bed. He usually slept in either my sons' room or with my daughter. Knowing he was with them was enough for me to feel safe. We had moved into a new home and our new neighbors had alerted us that there had been a few break-ins recently. Jedi had a keen sense of hearing especially late at night when the whole household was asleep. Many times I had heard him running down the stairs at some sound only to climb back up the stairs again after it had been a false alarm.

On this particular night, Jedi was literally flying down the stairs and barking fiercely at the same time. That woke us all up as his bark was really loud and more so in the quiet of the night. Armed with a golf club ( Old golf clubs are useful as sticks when they are no longer of use on the golf course) and we followed him down to investigate. As we reached the bottom of the stairs we could hear some scrambling in the backyard. By the time we went to check it our there was nothing there but we saw some evidence of a cigarette lighter dropped on the floor. Now, no one in our family smoked and since it was not there during the day we had to assume some intruder had tried to enter out home. Jedi had been alert to warn us and his barking must have frightened the intruder away.

Once again Jedi had outshone himself as our family bodyguard! No wonder the police liked to use the German Shepherds as one of their patrol dogs.

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