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Julou Dogs Happy 4th of July

Updated on April 10, 2015
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Judy worked 35 years in insurance. In 1988, she started her & hubby's interest in Rhodesian Ridgeback dogs.


Happy 4th of July

It was the 4th of July and the Julou dogs, Caesar, Tsin'tia 2 and Ginger were in their secure back yard, enjoying the far off fire works but also seeing and hearing some closer to home.

Mama Judy and Daddy Lou went out in the front yard to see the fireworks from the nearby baseball stadium better. Suddenly a fluffy little black and white dog came running down their street with its tail all tucked under and ears flying.

Mama Judy knelt down and the dog ran right to her arms. The poor dog was shaking with fear.

Mama Judy and Daddy Lou petted the dog and said soft, soothing words to the poor, scared baby. She slowly stood up with the dog in her arms and walked into the house. Mama Judy sat in her chair and held the poor little dog close and kept petting her. Gradually the little dog stopped shaking.

Ginger, Tsin'tia 2 and Caesar came in the house and all ran over to see the strange, small dog in their mama's lap. At first the little dog shook and was afraid of the three big dogs but soon she knew they would not hurt her.

Mama Judy said, "I think the fireworks must have frightened this baby and made her run away. She has a tag on her collar but it just has her name, Precious, on it. I know! Let's make a sign to put in the front yard. Someone may come looking for her."

So they made a big sign for the front yard that said "FOUND DOG, Inquire Within."

All four dogs were relaxing on the floor in the family room when there was a knock on the door. The three Julou dogs barked and ran to the front door. Mama Judy went out the door to talk to a man and a lady who were outside, looking very anxious.

The lady said, "Our dog was scared by the fireworks and she ran away. Do you have our dog? We didn't know she would be so scared so we did not keep her in the house where she couldn't run out of the yard."

"Can you tell me what your dog looks like and the name?" asked Mama Judy.

"Yes," the man said. "She is a little fluffy dog. She is black and white and her name is Precious. Did you find her? We love her very much and need to find her."

"Come inside and we will see," said Mama Judy.

She shooed the Julou dogs back from the door and led the couple into the family room.

When they came into the room, the little black and white dog ran to the couple right away, wagging her tail furiously and barking happily. The lady knelt down and the little dog ran right into her arms.

"Oh, Precious!" The lady was crying with joy to see her dog safe and happy.

"Oh, thank you so much for taking her in!" the man exclaimed.

"Yes, thank you! the lady said. "We were so afraid we would not find our sweet dog."

Mama Judy said, "Many dogs are afraid of the loud noise and bright lights of fireworks. Please be sure to keep her inside when there are fireworks so she won't run away again."

The man said, "Don't worry! We will never let her outside again when those firecrackers are popping!"

The lady stood up with little Precious in her arms. The Julou dogs came up one by one and touched the little dog with their noses very softly as if to tell her goodbye. Precious wagged her tail at Ginger, Caesar and Tsin'tia 2.

They all walked the man and lady and their happy little dog to the front door where Mama Judy let them out and said goodbye.

Mama Judy said, "You were all very nice to poor Precious. Would you like a cookie?"

Her dogs perked their ears up and danced their feet around as if to say, "YES! Of course we want a cookie!"

Daddy Lou reached into the bag and got each one a dog biscuit which they happily ran off to eat in different corners of the family room.

Mama Judy said, "I'm glad the people learned not to let their dog out when there are fireworks."

Daddy Lou said, "I think you are right. They were afraid they might never see her again."

The Julou dogs lay in their corners, going "CRUNCH, CRUNCH, CRUNCH" on their doggy biscuits. Any day that ends with a cookie is a good day!


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    • profile image

      Carol Morrow 4 months ago

      I always cry at your stories - they are always so down to earth and personal. Thank you. And I hope plenty of people read this in time to protect their own animals this week.