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Just A Few Of God's Many Creations

Updated on December 31, 2010

There are many things that I am thankful for in my life, first and foremost for my God, my husband, my son’s and their families, being a grandma, extended families, friends, the blessings that was given to me by God, and I also am thankful for my pets. I sit and think about how God created all things and knew that humans would need companions not only human companions but the pleasure of animal companions. My mind can not wrap it self around what God was thinking when he created things. There are purposes and reasons why God did what he did. It is beyond my comprehension.

In my life time I've had dogs and a few cats and some horses. At one point I wanted to be a veterinarian but was never able to fulfill that desire. So the things I do know about animals I have learned from experience with my own pets. In this hub I would like to introduce to you my four legged chillens.

First is Delilah, she is a seven year old Chihuahua mix, the mix we have no idea. She was born in a puppy mill that was shut down by the Humane Society. We bought her as a baby right after the shut down. She has seizures due to inbreeding. Delilah is a spoiled dog, (don’t tell her that, she thinks she is human). She loves everyone and would not hesitate getting into your car for a ride. If I swore I would swear she understand everything we say to and about her. She has that stare when she wants to get her point across and talks to you like Chewbacca on Star Wars; that is her form of talking.

I have taught our pets they can not be in the kitchen while I am cooking; they tend to sit at my feet in hopes to catch something I perhaps have dropped. I have tripped over them tons of times while trying to cook, so now all I have to do is point my finger to their beds and off they go they get the hint. Nor are they allowed to be in the dinning room while we eat. They will go as far as the line that separates the living room from the dinning room. Again they will not cross that line. I said all of this to let you know how much Delilah understand every word you speak. My husband was eating his lunch in the living room one day and her bed was just a little ways away from him. She was being a good dog and was in her bed but starring at him while he ate. He knew he could not tell her to get in her bed and out of the dinning room because he was in her space, so he looks at her and tells her to stop starring and to turn around. Delilah stands up and turns her back to him until he got done eating, we had never said that to her before. We laughed for a long time after that. I could write a book about Delilah alone and what she does, she is very entertaining.

One last thing I will say about her is if our other dog has a bone and she wants it, she will do either two things. 1. She will sit in front of my husband (she is my husband’s dog) and when he acknowledges her and ask what she wants she will look at the other dog then back at him, she will do this a few times wanting him to take the bone away from him and give it to her, he tried it one time and she was satisfied with the out come, but then gave it back to Sampson and tried to give her another bone, she would have nothing to do with the new bone she wanted his. 2. If that did not work she would run up to the door like she needs to go out side, and Sampson would leave his bone to go out side with her, she would let him go out first and then as soon as he got out side she turns and runs to get the bone. That one works all the time.


     Then we have BugAboo, he is my Himalayan cat. He is now two years old. The favorite part of him is he does NOT scratch my furniture. When he was a baby he tried one time but my scolding he did not like, he found my wicker clothes basket and thought that was a better scratch pad and now I would not be with out a wicker basket. BugAboo loves to go on walks with us. We lived in a very small community and we would go for walks with Delilah and right behind us was BugAboo. He would run from tree to tree and climb a little ways, we kept going he would jump down to catch up. He would make the whole trip with us. He is a very curious cat, most cats are.

     What ever we are doing he has to be right in the middle of it boxes, bags, open cupboards. I bought my grandbaby those big building blocks and she dumped them all out on the floor and threw the clear bag on the floor, BugAboo could not resist. There he was inside the bag sleeping. Sometimes his following and being curious has gotten him into trouble. My husband did landscape work for some people and he went into the tool shed to get a tool and shut the door behind him, later he noticed that the cat was not with him as he always was, he started calling him and he would hear a cat meow from a distant. He walked to the shed and opened the door and low and behold was BugAboo. That was not the last time he did that, we have moved since then and he got locked up in our shed while we were placing things into it. Night came and we were calling BugAboo in for the night and there was no BugAboo. We went to bed and it bothered me that he was still outside. I asked my husband if he was sure he had not locked him up in the shed, my husband reassured me he did not do that. I woke up at 3:00am and went to the shed and there he was. He has been shut up in the car; He loves to go for rides. We moved across the country with him sitting in the front window enjoying the ride.

     BugAboo is full of surprises. One day my husband came home from church, I was at my son’s house visiting for the weekend and I get this text from him asking me how to feed a new born kitten. He had me puzzled because our cat was not a kitten at this time so what in the world was he talking about. He then sent over a picture of a small kitten. What had happened BugAboo some how, somewhere catnipped a baby kitten. You might think that the kitten followed him home, okay I might have said that was possible but we keep the garage door closed rather the car was in it or not. My husband pulled the car into the garage and found the emptied cat food bag out of the trash that he threw away that morning. He went to pick it up to throw it away and found the kitten in the bag. We had a cat door that was up on a shelf outside for BugAboo to get into the garage, the nearly new baby could not in anyway jump up to the self; Bug had to have brought that kitten in himself through the cat door. Bug treated that kitten as a momma cat would. He kept the kitten clean, played with it, and slept with it all the stuff a momma cat would do. I told my husband he went out and brought home his wife to be and that way he can train her to be what he wanted her to be, I went and spoiled his plans and got him fixed. We no longer have that kitten we had to find another home for her.

     Sampson, now talk about all dog, he is a two year old 80 pound Old English Bull dog. He is like a bull in a china cabinet. He loves to play but is very clumsy. Sampson thinks he is a lap dog and tries to sneak up into our laps like we don’t know he is doing it, I’m sure he doesn’t understand how in the world he gets caught and is not allowed to be on our laps. He then will come up to you and rest his head on your lap or legs to get the attention that he wants. His looks are very intimidating, his growl and bark paralyzes people, but what strangers don’t know he is a big baby. He loves people but is very cautious of them especially if he doesn’t know them. We then will tell him its okay, so I don’t need to say how safe I feel when I am home alone.

     There are two big dogs that live next to us, he will voice his opinion to them through the fence; they will do the same. Sampson sees them out side and will run up to the fence and take that bold stance, knees sticking out, bow legged, tightens his muscles and starts to growl and bark. (I know my dog, but that growl scares me every time I hear it.) The other two dogs will bark for a few seconds and then will run away leaving Sampson feeling and looking as the winner. He then kicks the dirt out from under his back feet and struts away. (My hero) As I said earlier his looks intimidate people, we had just moved into our home and our neighbor was very much afraid of him. If he seen Sampson out side while he was getting out of his car he would run to his house as fast as he could. Sampson would just look at him. We don’t have a fenced in yard yet but this summer we will, when Sampson is out side one of us is out with him. He obeys very well with verbal commands.

     One day we had a visit from the animal control concerning Sampson, our friendly neighbor had turned us in for having a visas’ unchained dog that was roaming the hood. The animal control officer left with just these words, “I see he is a big baby but in very high demand. Keep an eye on him someone will steal him in a heart beat.” He also informed us that we did not have to have him chained up or in a fence yard as long as we could control him with verbal command and he stays in our yard. Three weeks later I was outside with Sampson and the neighbor came to my side of the property fence and was very friendly, so I called Sampson over so he could see that Sampson was nothing but an over friendly dog. He then decides that Sampson was okay. Sampson and BugAboo are buddies, Bug will lie next to Sampson and Sampson will chew on Bugs ear, bug loves his ears scratched.

     Now there is Lilly. We just got her about three months ago. She also is a Himalayan cat. I am guessing she is an old cat by the way she walks and acts. Her personality is one of any other cats. She eats, sleeps, and, well you know the rest. When she wants out side she will stare at the door handle and try to will it open, I have asked her a few times how that was working for her but she ignores me. She won’t make a sound she just stares until we let her out. She loves to be in my husbands lap and rest; she only comes to mine when he is busy and then stays just long enough for me to give her a good scratch around the ears, then when I stop she gets down. It’s the opposite with my husband. She will spend all night in his lap if he let her.

     We sometimes call her “Oscar the grouch” because she looks like him. When we first got her she was not familiar with her surroundings so at night she would come out of her hiding and noticed no one was around and then make this loud noise that would almost bring me right out of my skin. My husband or I would call her name and she then would find her way to our bedroom and climb into bed with us and sit on my husband’s chest. That’s our Lilly.

Our animals are different from each other, just like humans are different. I may tease and say they all gotta go, but truth is, my husband would give me away before the animals. (Just teasing) The saying “Man’s best friend is his dog” is very much true. But also is the cat, but on their

That’s my family.


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    • CarrieG profile imageAUTHOR


      7 years ago from Nevada

      Hi James

      With a mothers heart I have felt very lonely since all three of my two legged chillens left home. I believe thats why God made pets. He gave us the heart and knows once you have a mothers heart you always have one. So with me I needed someone to cater over. lol The animals will do.

      Thank you James for stopping by.


    • James A Watkins profile image

      James A Watkins 

      7 years ago from Chicago

      Of course, Delilah is spoiled! :-)

      I loved reading about your family. Thank you for sharing. Isn't God great to care for us by providing these additional loved ones in our lives? I think so.

    • CarrieG profile imageAUTHOR


      7 years ago from Nevada

      Hi Tim, thanks for your comment and for stopping by, Havent heard from you latley hope all is going well with you.

    • tim kenner profile image

      tim kenner 

      7 years ago from Greater Orange County

      I love it!!!! My chihuahua Bella is my little girl and feel so thankful to God for her. Nice hub!!!!

    • Abrushing1968 profile image

      Aaron Rushing 

      7 years ago from USA- Florida

      ROFL! LOL!Very funny

    • CarrieG profile imageAUTHOR


      7 years ago from Nevada

      it is scary Aaron, I would spell my words but I dont want her to correct my

      Love ya back


    • Abrushing1968 profile image

      Aaron Rushing 

      7 years ago from USA- Florida

      Carrie these are wonderful stories. Delilah sound to smart. That would freak me out. Are you sure she isn't an alien in discize. LOL

      Love ya


    • CarrieG profile imageAUTHOR


      7 years ago from Nevada

      Thank you Kashmir, I hope you have a great new years to come and God bless you and your family in your comings and goings. I love Duet. 28 on the blessing for being obedient. I pray Duet 28 for you. See you around in the hubs.

    • kashmir56 profile image

      Thomas Silvia 

      7 years ago from Massachusetts

      Hi CarrieG thanks for sharing this, love all your pets they are all so cute!

      Great hub!!! Happy New Year!!!


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