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Just a little something to make you smile

Updated on June 19, 2009

I saw this and it made me smile. So as a little Friday pick me up, I thought I'd share it. It's just another random act of kindness. :)

This appealed on many levels, from the obvious bond the two of them have to his attitude towards his new friend.

He knows it's not forever and that eventually the squirrel will go off and leave him but it doesn't stop him fully enjoying the relationship that they have.

It's a little odd I grant you but to me it's nice. Being able to bond across species is just as important as being able to bond across cultures. It takes effort, understanding and compromise, as all relationships do. It's always worth it though.

 ok, I published it and it's telling me it's too short and will probably be removed.  Ah well, hopefully some of you will see it and enjoy the link before it does.  I'm not going to pad it out with irrelevant words when the clip really says it all.

So enjoy while it lasts :)


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