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Justice for Steve the Pit-bull a Tribute

Updated on December 6, 2013
Author Cheryl profile image

Cherly has been writing online for over six years. She has published 9 books and written in many genres. Writing is her passion.

We Will Never Get a Chance to Prove Our Love

This is where I was found by Steve who named me Steve.  He was the first person to show me love.
This is where I was found by Steve who named me Steve. He was the first person to show me love. | Source

Today I am the Voice of Steve

In many places in the United States, today is a mournful day for a pit-bull named Steve who crossed over the rainbow bridge this morning. His picture all over face book from a group that tried to save him.

He was found in a back yard, tied up, starved to death, in the cold and full of wounds. Steve sits there with his heart heavy and wondering what he did to deserve this treatment. His owner left him out in the cold to die for three days before help was called. Those three days may have saved him, had they gotten to him earlier.

He got the name Steve from the man that found him who's name was also Steve. The extensive wounds all over his body, demonstrates the use of a bait dog in a pit-bull fighting ring. His teeth shaved down so he can not fight back. He was starved so he would have no strength to fight and then left for dead.

He was found by a good Samaritan and taken to the nearest animal hospital. His infection was so bad, he needed blood transfusions, fluids and antibiotics to begin his healing process.

Over the next few days he seemed to be improving but this morning everything shut down and he was humanely euthanized.

Here is the voice of Steve:

I wagged my tail, when my owner adopted me, I thought I was going to my forever home. Until I was put in a crate and taken somewhere in the dark. There were many dogs around me and I thought we were going to play but they started hurting me and everyone was clapping. I could not take anymore so I just laid there hoping it would stop. My owner took me home and left me in the crate all night, in pain and hungry. I thought he loved me. I thought he was going to bring me food but it never came. Over and over again I was fought by dogs until there was no fight left in me and my owner dropped me off in an ally to die. I laid there thinking I wish I could just die right now.

A man named Steve found me and to my surprise he was very nice. He petted me and picked me up and put me in his car. I heard him say "don't worry everything is going to be alright". How could I trust him, when my owner told me the same thing. He promised he would treat me right but made me sad and hurt me.

When I got to this building they called an animal hospital, I was greeted by a lot of people who made over me, but I was in too much pain to care. They worked on me what seemed like for hours and then I was put in a cage to sleep.

The next morning I woke up and felt better but still had pain. I got a biscuit from one of the workers that was taking care of me. I haven't eaten in so long I really did not want it. These people were very nice to me. They wanted to fix me up so I could go to a forever home.

My blood count was so low I needed a blood transfusion. The doc said it would help me and it did for a while but eventually because the infection was so bad, my body couldn't take it.

In my final hours I had a lot of people loving on me, petting me and telling me it was going to be alright. But I knew it wasn't. A decision was finally made on my behalf to humanely euthanize me. I laid my head in someone's hand and went off to sleep forever.

As I saw that beautiful bridge with the rainbow across it, everyone told me it was okay to go over it and live with other dogs just like me. I hope one day that all of you will realize that our breed was not meant to fight but to be loved. My name is Steve and I am a pit-bull and now I am in heaven with all the other dogs that I can play with instead of fight with.

My Final Trip

On my way to the animal hospital
On my way to the animal hospital

I am Just One of Many Who will Die Like This

In my last minutes I finally knew love
In my last minutes I finally knew love

Why are We Abused

Steve is only one of many today that will be put down or euthanized from the horrible people who think these dogs were bred to fight. His owner will face no jail time or even a fine because he left him where no one could accuse him of this brutal crime.

Early Perceptions of Pit Bulls

Far from being considered a killing machine on legs, pit bulls seem to be an American favorite in the early half of the century — indeed, during World War I, the country itself is personified as a pit bull on army recruitment posters, and several pit bulls go on to become famous in the American military. Referring to an athlete as a pit bull is a very common sports metaphor through the 1930s, and it is meant as the highest compliment. There is also a famous racehorse in the late 1930s named Pit Bull, as well as a number of pit bull stars of early motion pictures. Frequently, pit bulls are associated with children, as in the Our Gang comedies, as well as with Buster Brown, both in short films and as the corporate mascot for a shoe company. The famous RCA Victor image of a dog and a gramophone also featured a pit bull terrier.

I Would have Been a Faithful Companion

I never knew what real food was until now
I never knew what real food was until now

Saving Pit Bulls from Abuse

Should people who abuse animal be put on a list so they can never adopt again

See results

Is this Penalty Enough

In the late 20th century the United States go beyond serious animal welfare violations to links with organized crime and social problems; police and animal control law enforcement task forces of primarily local and state authorities have been formed in many parts of the country to combat dog fighting rings. In 2007 the U.S. Congress passed a Federal law against interstate dog fighting activities, providing for felony-level penalties including multi-year prison sentences and large fines for each offense; passage of this law was followed by the involvement of the Inspector General's Office of the U.S. Department of Agriculture in ongoing investigations around the country.

In April 2007 the illegal activity received widespread attention after evidence surfaced suggesting professional football player Michael Vick had a dog fighting ring operating on his property. The case resulted in guilty pleas by several individuals and to a single felony count for Vick, who received a 21-month Federal sentence. (Wikipedia)

How Many Have to Die Before Something is Done?

In 2012 in one state 10,000 pit-bulls were euthanized because they were so abused that they could not be saved. These dogs were used in fighting rings or as bait dogs. Most of the time, the people that do this are rarely caught. They dump the hurt animal in some desolate place to die alone.

How long is this going to go on before a major change is made and stiffer penalties are given for the people who are caught? Why should these dogs be starved, mistreated and hurt in the name of money.

Every time I see these dogs being walked down the street, I have to wonder are the owners using them to fight or do they really truly love them.

A Misunderstood Breed

People say that pit bulls will turn on you in a heart beat, but this is farther from the truth. When you have a dog as a puppy, the dog only learns what you teach it. Any animal would be made to attack people and dogs if the owners raise them that way.

Pit bulls are friendly, smart and will defend their owners till death. When people adopt abused pit bulls it is most helpful if you find someone who can work with them to make their behavior change from bad to good.

Anyone knows that an abused child will always think that they are going to be abused and so do animals. It's gaining their trust and working on their faults that someone else instilled in them. You can have a wonderful dog in your presence if you take the time to train them.

Thank God for Pit bull rescues such as Pit bulls and Parolees. The lady that owns that rescue is doing a great service to the dogs and to parolees helping both people and animals learn to love and trust again.

These dogs like Steve do not deserve to be abused, belittled and starved to death then taken somewhere and left for dead. Their owners should be placed in prison not jail and treated how they treated these poor dogs.

There will be no justice for Steve as his owner is not known. But he did learn what love really was before he crossed over the bridge.

Breeding for Fighting

There were three puppies to this litter that were abused and starved and one did not make it to finally get a forever home. Just babies, their life started out in a not so good way and hopefully they will find a home that will love them unconditionally and not chained up outside with no water or food.

367 Dogs Found and 10 Men Arrested

How Much Money is Made Off of Dog Fighting

Dog fighting can bring in up to a half a million dollars. The abusers will not be charged for dog fighting but with an illegal gambling ring. It's just a dog. Right? No it's not just a dog. It's a living breathing best friend that they could be if they were not fought. This is not Monday night wrestling and no dog is getting a belt for the best heavy weight champion. They will be kicked and starved for not performing as they should by their owners.

Steve was only one of many that had to die because of some ugly person, who thought this was right. Would you put your children in a fighting ring and say the last one standing wins. Of course you wouldn't.

I share this with everyone because Steve and many dogs like him do not deserve to be adopted or bread to fight.

I hope that Steve is now in peace and is getting many puppy love licks from others who crossed over that bridge just like him.

We Need to Fight for Them not Fight Them

In closing I just want to say that I was truly touched by Steve. Somewhere in my heart I will always feel sorrow for him. I will feel heavy hearted every time I look at his picture. It is truly a shame that this dog had to be so mistreated.

If you know anyone who is using these dogs like Steve as bait dogs or for fighting, please turn them in. There is no hell big enough for these men that fight these dogs and no punishment long enough in jail for them.

It's a life and let's not forget that. Steve rest in peace now and know you touched many lives by your story. Many people across the world donated money to help with this dogs vet expenses. He should have never died in the first place. It all starts with us to be their voice because they don't have one.

It's Not My Fault so Stop Abusing Me


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