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Keep Dogs Happy & Your House Under Control

Updated on February 27, 2013


First, he ate my favorite shoes.

Then he got to my Channel sunglasses.

When his sister Qupid came along, she helped herself to a drawer full of underwear and all the contents on my bathroom sink.

Golden retrievers are way too big to kennel and being a worry-wart I couldn't image leaving them outside most of the day, what with rattlesnakes and dog-thieves on the lose!


And then the glory of a gate came and saved my life. Sure, we tend to think these devices are just for toddlers but isn't that exactly what a dog is? A big (and sometimes destructive) toddler?

My headaches, and lose of clothing, ceased soon as I secured two gates, keeping my dogs confined to the kitchen and adjoined family room. With only one space to pet-proof, time is saved. Cleaning is also decreased. With their constantly shedding coats, dogs create excess dust and mess; my gates thankfully keep this confined to one space, instead of the entire house.

Beware: If you own larger dogs I wouldn't suggest purchasing one of the cheaper gates made specifically for toddlers. My own dogs, at 70 pounds, can escape the baby gates purchased at Target or Wal Mart within an hour. But they are completely unable to escape the gates made specifically for dogs, pictured above.


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