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Keep your Betta Splendens Healthy

Updated on May 27, 2009

Healthy Betta Guide

I have seen many doubts about breeding, feeding and concerning the general maintenance of Bettas, so I decided write this short guide based on my own experiences and a lot of reading. In 1849 the Betta was discovered, however confused with other species and only a few years after the error was found and finally saw that this was a new species that take the name of Betta Splendens. Its wild form is very different from what we know, taking short tail and opaque colors. Basically are found in Asia (Thailand, Vietnam, China and others) in ponds and rice plantations. Because of that Regionality Bettas live in the waters of little or no currents, with low levels of dissolved oxygen in water and, also, their food is basically made of mosquitoes, worms and larvae that are found in abundance at these sites. Due to this fact, his digestive system does not tolerate heavy foods, often taking the animal to have serious digestive problems.

Betta Splendens - Half Moon
Betta Splendens - Half Moon

The ideal habitat for the Betta

A well cared Betta will typically live 3-4 years in an aquarium. The Bettas can be raised in aquariums with at least 2 litres, although certainly live much better in aquariums not so small, such as 20-40 litres. Fine sand or gravel (not beach sand!) And many plants (cabombas, moss of Java, etc) are ideal. Remember that your goal is to maintain adequately the Bettas and not the plants thus seek plants that have a greater resistance and not difficult to maintain, as they inevitably will be your priority. At the first sign of rot, the plants, should be removed and restored, not to pollute the water quickly. The pH can be neutral or slightly alkaline, the temperature must be between 25 and 28 degrees C (use small heaters fit for) and a thermometer to know the temperature constantly. Sudden temperature changes, drops the pH that can generate sudden deseases in fish and cause anomalies as ictium and other unwanted diseases.

Feeding the Betta

If you only want to maintain healthy Bettas, you can supply Tetra BettaMin twice a day in small amounts. The fish should be able to eat all the food placed in the aquarium in up to two minutes. From two to three times a week give them a special treat to complement their diet. Brine Shrimp, Bloodworms or other worms and / or larvae. The main objective is to provide a highly digestible food for the Betta and rich in protein. I am sure that this way, your pet will present you with intense colors and a natural aggressiveness / feature of its kind.

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