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Kiev Zoo, Elephant In Danger

Updated on July 10, 2013

Kyiv Zoo. Elephant on the Line

During soviet times zoo was one of the dearest and most important entertainment for kids and adults. The capital city of Ukraine, Kyiv, had a pretty large one, with rides, observation wheel, different exotic animals and a lot of ice-cream.

The situation with Kyiv zoo had change dramatically. The place is no longer supported and most importantly there is literally no control of money. I don’t think that there will be one person who will disagree that corruption became the most important branch in today’s Ukrainian life. Even if government is allocating money to support animals, it will never reach the destination as there are too many people who literally work on the money; they built 3-4 houses and spend vacation on the Canary without declaring a penny.

Today’s news highlighted by Ukrainian free newspaper “Vesti” driven attention to the poor animals living at the zoo. It tells about new elephant Horas that was given to the city zoo by the former mayor after the unfortunate death of the previous. After a year of living in Kyiv, elephant turned from happy, playing entertainer into a mental patient.

The animal is spending his day standing at one place, scraping head against the fence. Same thing happened to the she-bear last year, when the poor animal scratched her head until she died.

The “unfortunate” bear accident had caused series of Green Peace and Animal Protection demonstrations that had no reaction from the government. At the end it turned out that the bear was suffering from the same illness as the elephant- loneliness. The animal cannot be kept alone for a long time, if there is no friend, the zoo must provide a full time schedule of exercises and programs to keep mates busy.

Horas needs female or at least normal conditions to live in, he lives in 30 meters territory with a pool that smells 5 meters apart.

The former mayor Omelchenko promised he will find females, he was indignant by the thought that no one reported about the problem.

Now we can only hope that he will keep his word and until he does we need do attract as much attention to the poor animals from all over so Horas will be the last to suffer.

Kyiv elephant dies of toxication, the animal was kept without food and normal conditions.Zoo manager blames everybody but herself


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