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Obsessed with Cute Kittens

Updated on September 8, 2011

I'm a little unclear to the latest phenomena I've noticed - an obsession with everything about kittens. Perhaps it's just me, but I never knew so many people were obsessed with cute kittens and cats.  I actually find myself liking cute kittens and cute cats now.  I love the Cats that look like Hitler (Kitler) pictures and Ive even voted on the Kitenwar site.

I haven't always like kittens though...I do recall upsetting a potential date some time ago by asking her if she was too busy "eating Snackwells and petting her kittens" to go hiking with me. That didn't go over so well. Needless to say that was the impetus that broke off our infantile relationship.

I Want One - They are So Cute!

What's strange about this obsession with kittens is that I feel left out. I mean, I don't even really like cats, but I feel like I'm missing something. I'm missing out on the fun and excitement. Who wouldn't want a cute cat, like Froggie?

Kittens with Guns for Macho Guys
Kittens with Guns for Macho Guys

The Anti-Kitten Obsession

I used to work with this very macho acting guy. He said he despised kittens, cats, and small animals, in general. What is strange, however, is this very macho acting guy had an obsession with pictures of kittens with guns. I guess the guns may make the kittens more macho?

Kitten Blogs

Who knew that blogs about kittens would become so popular? It seems standing up a blog about kittens is the ticket to popularity on the Internet. I just need to think of a cool kitten blog, but there are so many great ones already out there!

Kittenwar Attire


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    • profile image

      TheCuteColbie 5 years ago

      The cutest kitten everrrrrrrrrr~

    • profile image

      Carolyn Harris 8 years ago

      I've always shared my life with cats and always will.

    • kea profile image

      kea 9 years ago

      Hi glassvisage! Thanks for the lovely comments! You rock! Yes, long lived "The Furred Reich"!

    • glassvisage profile image

      glassvisage 9 years ago from Northern California

      This is an amazing Hub! :D Anything kitteny is fine with me! I love the one in the frog suit :)

    • kea profile image

      kea 9 years ago

      @Cris A - thanks for the comments. I was over at a friend's house today and they have two cool cats and I found myself seriously thinking I should get one!

      @frogdropping - I guess that's true - cats scratch the hell out of everything. I've heard of people getting them declawed, but is that considered "nice" to the cats?

      @TM - what do you mean "perfect communication with cat and with us"? Are you, like, the Cat Whisperer?

    • Tatjana-Mihaela profile image

      Tatjana-Mihaela 9 years ago from Zadar, CROATIA

      My cat gave birth to 5 kittens one month and half ago... This little cuties are everywhere... but very well behaved because the cat has calm nerves and teaching them how to behave.

      It is so nice to watch them to grow and watch their perfect communication with cat and with us.

      Thumbs up for your Hub and cute pics.

    • frogdropping profile image

      Andria 9 years ago

      Kea - kittens are a bloody nuisance. All spiky claws, spittin' and runniing up your legs when they're bare. I've been through kittenhood more times than I care to remember! Give me a grown up sensible and frog-trained feline anyday!

      BTW - I love cats. The more imperious the better :)

    • Cris A profile image

      Cris A 9 years ago from Manila, Philippines

      I agree kittens are as cute as buttons, or even more. But I cannot explain why I'm more of a dog person - I have two.

      LOL kittens with guns - sounds a little perverse to me! if not very Freudian! :D


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