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Knowing More about Electric Dog Fence Systems

Updated on October 2, 2016

Electric fence for dogs is usually used to contain dogs inside the yard or inside the house boarders preventing them from leaving the premises. It is used as an alternative to visible fences like woods and metals especially when the dog can jump over fences or dig holes just to go across the fences. Some electric fences are also installed with wooden fences especially during training process. Electric fence for dogs can come with wire or wireless.

Invisible dog fence systems comes with wireless dog collars connected to transmitters.
Invisible dog fence systems comes with wireless dog collars connected to transmitters.

Wireless Invisible Dog Fence

This kind of electric fence is ideal for narrow space yards and is not recommended for yards with irregular shape. It uses radio signals and can radiate through walls from the transmitter to the dog collar. It is hassle free for those who do not want to dig grounds and bury wires.

The transmitter should be placed inside the house and not somewhere where it can be exposed to rain.
The transmitter should be placed inside the house and not somewhere where it can be exposed to rain.

Wired Invisible Dog Fence

Most users prefer this type as it is more functional especially when you need to contain pets inside a wide area of land. The wires can be buried or stapled on grounds depending on your area assessment. Some electric fence for dogs comes in complete set if you prefer to do the project on your own. Extreme Dog Fence sells a set with a wire both ideal for underground and above the ground wiring.

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Draw a wiring layout as your guide in installing the wires of the dog fence system.
Draw a wiring layout as your guide in installing the wires of the dog fence system.

Things to Consider when Planning to Install an Invisible Dog Fence

Know your dog’s characteristics

Before doing some major decision for your pet, you should first consider their feelings first. Consult its veterinarian to know if it really needs this kind of containment training or not. If your dog has medical issues, do not take it to easy too because it might harm him more than you know. Dogs with heart problems are not recommended to use this facility because of the jolting experience he might undergo that will worsen his sickness.

Plan your wiring lay-out before purchasing your set or tools

Make sure you have a concrete plan of how you will wire your electric dog fence before buying all the necessary tools for the project. It will save you extra money knowing how much you actually need than just buying the estimate without a written plan. It will also help you check for other problems like soil or ground texture. You will know earlier if you will need to hire a trencher or not.

Observe safety precautions in installing your wires

Make sure to install your wires away from other wires buried on the ground or laid above the ground. Also, do not install them near satellite dishes or television wires and along other electrical wires to avoid shocks and other hazards.

Set time to train your dogs

For at least 48 hours, train your dog consistently. After installing the electric dog fence, put your dogs in chain and show him the boundary. Let him familiarize itself from the alarm of the collar when nearing the boundaries and then pull him away. Do the training hour after hour then let him feel the shock if he attempts to cross the boundaries and pull him away. Extreme Dog Fence has put boundary flags along with their electric dog fence system. It might help your dog recognize the boundaries. In the last two hours of the training, free your dog on the yard and let him play to test if he is already aware of the electric fence.


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