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Koi Pond Kits

Updated on June 24, 2011

Purchasing koi pond kits is a more economical choice as compared to the conventional way of pond construction. It requires lesser time because you do not have to buy the materials needed one by one. Instead everything has been made available in just one kit. A basic kit normally includes a filtration system, pump and liner. Always make sure that it includes the filtration system because it plays a vital role in keeping koi fish healthy. It serves two functions – aerating and filtering the water. The filtration system not only supplies sufficient amount of oxygen within the pond but also ensures that the water is always filtered. Moreover, it also comes with all the necessary tubing, chemical treatments and helpful bacteria.

It is highly beneficial to those who want to construct ponds right at their backyard. It can save you the hassle of extensive planning and manual labor. Once you have the kit, all you have to do is assemble everything as instructed. No need to exhaust yourself by going through the strenuous process of building a pond. All the materials are purposely packed into one so you will not have to worry about buying them individually. It is specifically designed for quick installation together with a guided instruction for easy set-up.

Complete Pond Kits

Koi pond kits are sold according to types, shapes and sizes. The in-ground kit is the usual choice for outdoor ponds. It includes a flexible liner that you can conveniently lay into a pre-dug hole which makes the task simpler and easier. Some manufacturers even offer customized kits wherein you can personally choose the design that will exactly match your interest and taste. For those with very limited space, the pond less waterfall kit should be considered. It is highly recommended for pond installation in smaller areas and most of all it requires very minimal maintenance.

Complete pond kits have been increasingly becoming popular due to its efficiency and long-lasting quality. Unlike the basic kit, this type is surely built to last for years. Most of these kits come with a pond skimmer. The skimmer makes pond maintenance more convenient since it has a built-in filter which collects and removes accumulated debris particularly fallen leaves above the water. It also assures that the filtration system will be free of clogs.

Ready Made Kits = Easy Installation

Now, you do not have to spend thousand of dollars hiring professional contractors to accomplish the job for you. With these ready made kits you can opt to construct the pond by yourself which will definitely save you a great deal of money. Aside from its cost-effectiveness, it is also proven to be very time-efficient since installation can be done in a short time. With its countless benefits, you can never go wrong with this do-it-yourself pond kits. It is a practical way of enjoying a long-lasting garden ornament.

Koi Ponds - Your Comments

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  • profile image

    Jessie Wintriss 8 years ago

    Good information! Thank you.

    Do you recommend adding anything to the water to make the fish healthier?

  • Gypsy Willow profile image

    Gypsy Willow 8 years ago from Lake Tahoe Nevada USA , Wales UK and Taupo New Zealand

    I love my Koi pond, no garden should be without one. When I lived in UK I had a bad time with herons eating my fish and I think netting is essential there. My pond in California hasn't had any problems yet!

  • Litany Notch profile image

    Litany Notch 8 years ago from South UK

    If you have a problem with cats, herons or even are worried about small children falling in, you can get an almost invisible mesh or grille to put just under the water. Most cats won't even take any notice of the pond - I know mine doesn't :)

  • agrande profile image

    agrande 8 years ago from Oregon, USA

    My friend has a Koi Pond and really likes it. Is there a problem with cats trying to fish in the pond? We have 3 cats

  • Will James profile image

    Will James 8 years ago from New York, NY

    Wow. Great hub! Definitely simplifies the process of building a koi pong. Very well presented.