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Labrador Retriever Training Forum: Exercise Routine for a Healthy Dog

Updated on July 22, 2012

Why an Exercise Plan?

Labrador Retrievers are active dogs which require a healthy exercise forum in order to stay fit. They were bred to be athletic and strong. They are highly energetic and tend to have a deep reservoir of stamina. For all these reasons and more, it is an important aspect of your Retriever's well-being to create and maintain a Labrador exercise routine.

Fetching a Healthy Doggy Diet

Labrador Retriever's were bred to be hunting dogs. As such, they instinctively will chase and return anything that can be thrown and retrieved. A great exercise with a Frisbee or any kind of ball can take place right in your backyard. 30 minutes in the backyard 3 days each week will provide an outlet for some of your dog's energy levels.

Of course, food and diet are an essential part of keeping our dogs healthy and vibrant. Labrador retriever's are notoriously always hungry. They have been referred to as living garbage disposals, having a bottomless stomach, and the canine version of a goat. And as any Labrador retriever owner will attest, this is mostly true. A proper feeding and diet regimen can be found by clicking here.

Water Playing Labrador Retrievers

Labrador Retrievers were bred to retrieve and fetch game from water. They have webbing in their paws (between the toes) to allow them to move fast in the water. The tail of the Labrador is otter-like and allows it to be used as a rudder of sorts to provide direction. Retriever's are fond of the water. This provides another exercise area to expose your Labrador to. Going to a lake area in a park or at a beach can provide hours of exercise and entertainment for pets and pet owners. Using a tennis ball or any object that will float is perfect. Labrador Retriever's rarely have any trouble in shallow water (5-10 feet).

It is estimated that approximately 25% of the Labrador retriever's in the United States are overweight or obese. As our children and pets tend to mimic the behaviors of their parents and owners, over 30% of adults in the United States are also considered to be obese or overweight. Therefore, a regular exercise routine for our pets will also get us exercising regularly and knock out both birds with one stone. This will elongate both our lifespans, making for more enjoyable and productive lives together.

Healthy Choices for Dog Owners

Due to their webbed feet, Labrador's are also very adept in the snow. The webbing acts as sort of a “snowshoe” to keep snow and ice from in between their toes. Any exercise routine should not be abandoned in the colder months. Short walks and play are still highly recommended every day. Retrieving a ball or Frisbee in the snow can be a delightful show of the Labrador's grace and agility in fetching.

Once a forum for the dietary needs of your dog has been instituted, it is recommended that a regular exercise routine be set up and followed as closely as possible. Given the busy nature of our lives these days, its no easy task. It boils down to the choices we make. Choose healthy!


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