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Lady: the half American Bulldog and half Lab puppy

Updated on September 24, 2014

Getting use to hearing the paws

Today my husband brought home a puppy. We had already talked about getting a dog so our 2-year-old son could grow up with a pet, but never thought it would become a reality.

The immediate response of my son was to say "Dog," which he learned from watching the educational show WordWorld. One of the main characters of this show is a dog.

My first thought once I saw the dog was, does it have fleas? Since I grew up with dogs around I knew one of the first things to check for was fleas and ticks. My husband took her a bath to ease my questions but since it was our fist time with Lady we didn't have dog shampoo. Apart from the excitement of finally have a dog to call our own, I was ecstatic that Kevin, like myself would have a companion in the early years of his life.

I knew that there would be so many adventures and we would have our dog right there to encourage us, lick us, and play with us.That was something to look forward to. My boy was very thankful. He ran and ran and ran around the house playing with it and acting like it was the best day ever. Im glad that in end my son was able to enjoy having a pet as much as I knew he would. My husband was not so excited but with time he will be.

Since she is a puppy I couldn't get her to sit still.
Since she is a puppy I couldn't get her to sit still. | Source

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For more information about a American Bulldog and Lab mix visit: this website. It has information on

  • Personality
  • How to Care for them
  • General information
  • How they react to their humans


Don't forget

  • Make sure you spend some time with your pet
  • Take him/her to the vet for a check up
  • Make sure they have had their shots


According to American Veterinary Medical Association the total number in United States that has dogs in their homes is 69,926,000.

That is a large amount of homes with dogs. Must be a reason why people keep dogs as a pet. What is the reason you might ask? Personally I think it has to do with loving something and it loving you back. It seems as though we when we love people more than often they hurt us at some point. Truth is that our dogs don't hurt us at all, they just get excited to see us and love us back.

Playful Dog


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    • Aysleth Zeledon profile image

      Aysleth Zeledon 3 years ago from Russellville, Arkansas

      Thank you do you have a dog as well?

    • Bk42author profile image

      Brenda Thornlow 3 years ago from New York

      Congrats on your new pup! So adorable!