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Large Dog Toy

Updated on September 27, 2012
Large Dog Kong
Large Dog Kong

Large Dog Toy

When choosing a large dog toy, it is important to keep in mind that different dog toys serve different functions and address various levels of activity. Another thing to remember is that, just like all children do not respond uniformly to the same toy, dogs also have different interests and personalities which will dictate how they respond to a toy.

But not to worry, with the huge array of canine toys available, you can be sure to find just the right large dog toy for your big pooch. The question is, how do you go about selecting the appropriate toy?

A good place to start is to consider what your dog excels at. For example, the Bearded Collie thrives on challenge and would welcome the opportunity to chase a frisbee and demonstrate how fast he can run and how high he can jump. The more awkward the aerobics, the more he enjoys showing off.

Many dog owners see the ubiquitous tennis ball as the be-all-and-end-all of dog toys, not realizing that not all dogs enjoy chasing a ball. If your dog gives you the "Now what did you go and do that for?" look after you throw a ball for him, and you end up having to retrieve it yourself, you'll know this toy is not for you.

Many dog toys derived from the tennis ball were created with canine exercise and training in mind. An integrated heavy duty rope makes it easier to throw these interactive toys further. All the better if they are floatable, for hours of fun in the water.

And for the rabid canine sports fan out there, basketball, football, as well as soccer can be enjoyed on a daily basis. With rope handles, these large dog toy balls easily turn into chewing or even tugging toys, should a friend decide to join in the game.

On the other hand, give your ordinary Boxer a plush squeaker toy, and chances are you will end up with the bull-in-the-china-shop scenario. Boxers are well known for a childlike disposition and infinite potential for excitement; add a large, well-muscled body and formidable jaws to the mix, and you might have trouble recognizing your home after the dust settles.

If Atlas happens to be a Bull Mastiff with jaws of steel, a super-sturdy kong like the ones used by the police and the army to train their working dogs might be just the ticket. Made of solid rubber, these toys will last the longest even with the most determined chewer. The unpredictable bounce of the peculiarly shaped hive kong will keep Atlas on his toes trying to keep up with this new toy.

Brain teasers were developed to help keep the four-legged Einsteins intrigued. Created for pure intellectual pursuit, canine puzzles sometimes hide treats, the perfect incentives to keep bon vivants entertained and out of mischief for hours. High-strung individuals have been known to become so captivated as to forget all about their troubles.

You may consider granting your dog restricted access to certain toys. A plush toy can have a reasonable survival rate even with a rough playing dog as long as it is given to him when he is all played out and ready for a more gentle type of activity. Otherwise, he may not rest until he has destroyed the squeaky 'beastie' inside.

One last thing to keep in mind is canine personality. The four-legged have their very own brand of contrarians: the Labrador Retriever that won't retrieve, the Golden Lab that sinks to the bottom of the pool and has to be rescued from drowning. These are the eccentrics of the canine world. No use butting heads with them. Matching large dog toy to big personality will keep them happy and preserve your sanity in the process!


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