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Large Macaw Types

Updated on February 11, 2012

What do you mean by "Large" Macaw? They are all huge!

Yes, somewhat true. There are three categories of macaws, however: Mini macaws, hybrid macaws, and large macaws. These large macaws can be easily spotted from a group of all three types of macaws. You just need to know what you're looking for!

This article will explain all the different types of large macaws and general information about them.

NOTE: All the prices I show are for pet stores, not breeders. I'm sure you can get these macaws for a lower price at an unreliable breeder who doesn't care for these birds.

Scarlet Macaw

Perhaps the most beautiful of them all, the Scarlet Macaw, starts off the list. Although strikingly beautiful, the Scarlet can be nippy at times. With this said, most people, including myself, would not let young children around an untrained Scarlet.

Scarlets are also not the family-type bird. I have found they enjoy sticking to one or two adults. It is important to train these macaws early, because they are strong-minded and stubborn!

Scarlet macaws also remind me of elephants. They don't take bad treatment well and will remember the bad treatment the next time you go to pet your feathery friend. To combat any nippiness or bad behavior, just socialize and train your macaw and you will never have any problems.

The Scarlet Macaw ranges in the $1500 to $2000 area.


Greenwing Macaw

Next on the list is the Greenwingmacaw (sometimes called the Green-winged, but i use Greenwing). These macaws are the second largest of the macaws, behind the giant Hyacinth (more on him later), growing up to 39 inches. They are very similar color wise to the Scarlet, only the wings are green and not yellow.

The main theme of the Greenwing is its intelligence. They are considered to be the most intelligent of the macaw family. Studies have shown that the greenwing has the longest attention span and strive to please their master more than any other macaw.

Even though its tremendous size, the Greenwing is fairly laid back compared to its brothers and sisters. It enjoys puzzle toys and normally doesn't nip or bite.

The Greenwing also weans longer and remains a baby longer than most macaws, making it more prone to mischievous acts!

The Greenwing ranges in the $1500 to $2000 area.


Blue and Gold Macaw

I wrote a separate hub on the Blue and Gold Macaw and invite you to check it out! It gives a very detailed explanation of macaws in general and the B&G in specific.

Military Macaw

The Military macaw is considered by most to be the most underrated macaw. The 'dull' colors, compared to some of the other macaws, has bird enthusiasts overlook this wonderful bird.

Although they have a reputation for being nippy, Military macaws can be easily trained and, with a little socialization, will never bite. They are also fairly short compared to the other large macaws, only reaching a maximum of 27 inches (yes, still pretty big!).

Like Greenwings, Militaries have a long attention span and are willing to work with owners and impress them. These macaws love a good challenge, so be prepared with plenty of puzzle toys! Talking ability varies, but usually all Militaries will speak.

Military macaws are also the cheapest of the large macaws, clocking in around $800 to $1000.

Red-Fronted Macaw

The Red-Fronted Macaw is commonly mistaken with the Military Macaw. The Red-Fronted Macaw is a severely endangered macaw in the wild; reports have shown that these macaws love to raid crop fields and force farmers to shoot them down.

Red-Fronted macaws, unusually, sleep on their backs. If your Red-Fronted does this, it is completely normal! They are also the fastest flying of all macaws. these guys can reach up to 40 MPH!

Another great feature of the Red-Fronted is their sixth sense. A Red-Fronted Macaw can sense your different types of moods and act accordingly.

These macaws usually go for anything from $800 to $1200.

Hyacinth Macaw

The Hyacinth Macaw is the largest of all macaws, measuring in at over 40 inches! The stunning shades of blue is enough to draw a buyer to check out this macaw. However, all that beauty has its price. These macaws clock in at ridiculously expensive prices due to their small numbers and high demand. A baby Hyacinth can go for anywhere from $8,500 to $12,000!

The Hyacinth is monickered the 'gentle giant' because of its laid back personality. Despite its size and monster beak, the Hyacinth rarely bites. That beak is the strongest of all macaws, capable of 1600 pounds per square inch of pressure! In fact, the diet of the Hyacinth consists of nuts that only the Hyacinth can open up.

The Hyacinth is a slow weaner, taking up to four or five years to reach its maximum height. Also, if interested in buying a Hyacinth, take into consideration that you may be put on a waiting list!

Buffon's Macaw

Some people don't consider the Buffon's Macaw to be in the category of the large macaws. At an averge height of 33 or 34 inches, I believe they qualify, so here it is.

Buffon's Macaws may look like Militaries, but they are actually 'fatter' and a lighter shade of green than the Militaries. The tail feather of the Buffon's is also significantly longer.

With minimal biting issues and and decent talking ability,the Buffon's makes for a wonderful pet!

The Buffon's usually clocks in at around $2000 to $3000 because they are so rare.

Best Buds!


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    • the50marathons17 profile image

      Michael 6 years ago from Long Island, New York

      Yeah, they are pretty amazing! Seeing one in real life for the first time is quite mind-boggling. Holding one is even better!

    • profile image

      Contemporary Htls 6 years ago

      The Hyacinth Macaw is by far my favourite, never seen anything like it! wow!