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Learning Responsibility

Updated on December 19, 2012
Moses and me!!
Moses and me!!

My Best Friend

I found this quick little essay I did awhile back on why getting a dog for a child is a good idea, thought it was cute...

The expectation of getting a child his or her first pet is that they will learn responsibility; I learned that plus some. My little brother and I had been begging our mother for a puppy for a long time and finally the day had come. I fell in love with him as soon as I first saw him nervously crawl out of the puppy carrier. I couldn’t wait to play with him, give him lots of treats, and give him lots of love. However there was more to it than just playing with him. Now this little puppy with floppy ears, wrinkles smothering his face, and big paws he kept tripping over was my responsibility. I took care of him for six years before I moved out and in all those years he taught me not only responsibility but that patience is just as important when training a dog and that friendship and love is a must.

He was a tri-colored beagle that could no keep his nose off the ground, so as he walked his nose parted the grass. My mom found this hilarious and Moses became his name. At first he was a handful and I didn’t much enjoy it. He had to go out every couple of hours all day and night, he tore up sweaters and toy after toy, and sometimes he rough housed just a little too much, however, as he started to grow into his paws and wrinkles and I learned to have some patience with this hyper pup he was able to be potty trained rather quickly and learned many commands. The responsibility set in more when it came to walking him every day, well, I should say he walked me. Also when he got loose I was so worried for him because he was my best friend at time, I was responsible for watching him but, there he went, chasing the snow plow up the street. But since he was my responsibility there I went chasing up the street in pajamas and snow boots after him.

As both Moses and I grew into our paws and feet I learned responsibility and patience, however, I gained more in him as man’s best friend. Without him I don’t think I’d fully understand how much patience and responsibility it really takes to care for another living thing. It’s important that children learn this in young adult years and a pet is an excellent way. Besides, kids get a best friend for life, something that will listen and always understand.


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    • ElizabethRidge profile image

      Elizabeth Ridge 5 years ago from Iowa

      Thank you! I believe pets are so important...even when you're older!

    • Riviera Rose profile image

      Riviera Rose 5 years ago from South of France

      Every child should grow up with pets, if possible. A dog is your first true friend, who doesn't judge, doesn't tease or bully, but just wants to play and be with you. A great hub, voted up and beautiful!


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