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Finding Forever Homes For Pets..

Updated on May 5, 2011

Designer Breeds...

Limited Verses Unlimited Registration

I cannot stress strongly enough the importance of a responsible breeding program for your pure breed dog. In fact does one know all about the knew designer breed that has caught the eye of you as an individual or the individual wanting to purchase.

For instance one may love the Labrador, and the Poodle,but are you aware of how many generations of breeding it takes to have a Labradoodle that doesn't shed all that poodle hair! Lets just say you are raising one breed or the other,Labs, or Poodles you are anxious to have a litter,why? The idea behind a responsible breeding program is to improve the breed. Each of these dogs have been bred to near perfection,why would you breed them together instead of to their own breed?

I have read, and been informed to enhance the breed.However,it is my understanding it takes until at least the 3rd generation to breed out the faults of the first litter.So, lets say the first litter is a litter of 12 puppies which is normal for both breeds to have a large litter. Surely every pup in the litter doesn't conform to what the breeder is after for the labrodoodle,do you have any idea how many pound puppies are produced in these first three litters..Something to think about isn't it.

The American Kennel Club is an advocate of enhancing the pure breed dog. They offer insight and information to all registered breeds for the public to view.

You must know who you are selling a puppy to,one must get referances from past groomers the individual has used, also you should talk to the vet the potential buyer has used for previous pets.Is this a home you want your beloved pets offspring to go to for its forever home.Does this person have knowledge of this breed?Have they owned a dog this active this large before? If not are they willing to sign a spay, neuter contract,and or a compliance to basic obedience classes for their newest family member.If not Please do not sell the dog.

Limited registration means they may not register any offspring with the American Kennel club, Unlimited means you give them permission to do so,is the new owners in your opinion capable of enhancing the breed? If you have any doubt please think long, and hard before allowing someone the right to breed your offspring.

Lets try to make a difference in the welfare of our family pets,can you sleep at night knowing you have just signed the papers that may allow animal shelters to grow because we are not doing our part as responsible pet owners and or breeders?

There are many questions to be asked and answered satisfactorily before considering a sale for a pup.

The poodle may live 16 plus years will the new owner have a person that will take the pet in case of the new owners demise if the person is elderly ?

Is the new owner capable physically of handling such a dog as the breed in question is?

Is the new owner financially stable enough to handle the responsibilities of maintaining the health of the pup?

Do they have a fenced in yard?

Will they microchip the pup?

Why do they want this breed?

Research on the individual making the purchase is as important as research on the breeder.


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    • jorja kick profile imageAUTHOR

      jorja kick 

      7 years ago from southeast georgia

      you have hit it right on the head Jaye...You are a true dog person...


    • JayeWisdom profile image

      Jaye Denman 

      7 years ago from Deep South, USA

      Very good hub. There are too many "backyard breeders" in my neck of the woods, and their only motive is making money, not enhancing the breed. As for buyers, most only think of how cute a pup is before getting it, not of everything it will need for the rest of its life.



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