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Lost Little Puppy. Should He Be Taken To Shelter?

Updated on April 1, 2018

This is a story about what happened to my daughter, a few days ago this lost pup ended up on her porch. He was so little and cute. If she had not been able to find his family should she take him to a shelter? The shelter in her area is a kill shelter. What would you do?

It was three this morning my daughter heard a terrible crying on her front porch. Her bedroom is in the back of the house and the crying was coming from the front of the house. When she went to the door and opened the door to her front porch there was a small little-lost dog. He acted like he was in the right place until he saw her. He ran over behind her wicker porch chair and when she tried to get near him he growled.

She got him a treat and a blanket placed them close to him. She went back to bed because she couldn't get him to come any closer.

At five this morning, she was texting me about him. It's cold here only 35. She was worried about him getting too cold and getting off the porch and into the busy street. He ate the treat so he was hungry.

Our granddaughters had to get up for school. As soon as my daughter went in and told the oldest granddaughter there was a pup on the porch she flew out of bed. She went out to talk to the pup, but my daughter was worried about her getting close to him because he might bite.

We call our granddaughter the dog whisper. She doesn't give up and she finally was able to get close to him and pick him up. He laid his head on her shoulder and snuggled close.

The blanket she got for him and some food.
The blanket she got for him and some food. | Source
Daughter's house
Daughter's house | Source
Little dog when she first found him on porch.
Little dog when she first found him on porch. | Source

What To Do Now

My daughter is hoping he will let her pick him up later. She'll take him to the vet and see if he has a chip in him and try to find his home. If she can't, he now has a home. I'm pretty sure of this. I know my daughter and granddaughters they are suckers for animals.

My daughter just called and they were able to get him into the entrance porch where he will be safe and warm. The kids are now off to school and she is still worried about pushing him too far for fear he will bite. She's also worried about her cats acting like the cats in Lady and the Tramp and going after this little dog. For right now she knows he is safe and has promised our granddaughters she will keep him close until they come home from school.

His Trip.

What he must have gone through just to get to the house. How many pit bulls did he outrun? How many big giant cats ran after him? How many cars almost hit him? How cold and shivering he must have been. The train goes by at two in the morning it could have also hit him.

Did he get lost from his family? I think that is what happened. My husband says he thinks the little guy was dumped there. Nice house good large porch and he thinks someone just put him on the porch and walked away. Maybe!

He looks like a Pomeranian to us.

The End of Story

They found the owners on Craigslist.

Have you seen Me? Missing since 9/2/12. Brown male Pekingese/Pomeranian, 13 months old and weighs 10 lbs. Wearing blue collar. Shy. If the dog won't come to you please do not pursue or chase because it may cause him/her to leave the location in fear and could endanger its life.

I can not believe how long he was missing. Someone else must have had him. Our daughter said there was no collar on him. She said when he saw his owners he was very happy. I sure hope they keep track of him now and don't let him run away again.

He traveled from a long distance over a large bridge and crossed a very busy street. How he got as far as he did we will never know. I wonder if someone picked him up and then lost him. He might have taken off again and ended up at our daughter’s house.

I love his name!

Have You Ever Found A Lost Puppy

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If Family Couldn't Be Found Would You Take Puppy To Shelter?

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A Word On Shelters

I am not crazy about kill shelters, but we did go and get a pup from the shelter here. We did it because one of the ladies in our town puts in so much work bringing dogs from a shelter out of state that kills the dogs or puppies days after getting them. They do not do that here and she makes sure all of them finds a home. Here's the cute little fellow we adopted. His name is Sheldon.

I adopted again his name is Bean.

Our little dog.
Our little dog. | Source

Taking A Dogs To Rescue.

If you ever need to take your dog to a rescue be sure to check them out completely. They could not be what they say they are and could very well be hoarders.

Many rescuers that rescue certain breeds do it for the money selling the dog for 100s of dollars.

Read this story about this couple in Tennessee a very sick, sick person. She hasn't got much out of what she has done so far bond was very low. I don't know how anyone gave her dogs without checking her out.

A family member once said to me “People get so upset over animals being abused when there are children that are abused.” That is true, but they are all innocent and can’t help themselves they all need our help children and animals.


2018 I can report that shelters in our area are no longer kill shelters. They do all they can to help, old,sick and healthy pets.

© 2012 moonlake


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