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Love Owls

Updated on June 12, 2015

Lorrypark Owl Visit

Birthday Visit to Lorry Park Zoo
Birthday Visit to Lorry Park Zoo

Owl Love

In certain cultures of South Africa there are certain superstitions associated with owls. Because the superstitions are negative, sharing your love of owls raises eyebrows. Owls are associated with bad luck/omens, I do however find that these superstitions are changing.

I can relate to the idea of owls being magical, but not the negative magic that it is sometimes associated with. I love big eyes irrespective of what species it is on. Being able to turn your head 260 degrees is pretty cool as well.

Of the birds of prey owls are definitely the most beautiful. They are also amazing hunters, with acute hearing and good vision. My favorite owl, the Cape Eagle owl. I think that owls are amazing and has been used since 2008 in townships to fight rodent infestations.

As much as I love owls, I would rather see owls in their natural habitat than in a cage. With the progression in the name of development, I hope that we are able to keep owls as much as possible in their natural environments.


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