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Cat Toys Find Out This One Low Cost Cat Toy To Make On Your Own

Updated on June 18, 2009

While you might be trying to find a low cost cat toy you can make some of your own. One of my cat's favorite toys is the one that seems like a fishing pole. I know that you can purchase a toy for your cat, but you can also make your own cat toys. The ones that I have made for my cats they tend to play with more than the ones that I purchase. I think it is under the same concept of kids always playing with the box of a toy rather than the toy itself. However, I have made my own fishing pole style of toy for my cats and thought I would share how I made it so you can enjoy this toy for your cat.

The first thing that you have to do is find all of your materials. The materials that I use is a yarn ball tied tightly with catnip sprinkled on it, and a stick that you can tie your yarn ball to. These materials are fairly easy for most people to find and are easy to work with. If you are a crafty person you probably have most of these materials at your home already except maybe the catnip. However, if not these materials are readily available and inexpensive.

After you have your materials around you then you tie the yarn in a tight enough ball that it will not unravel with play. However, you will want to leave one string out of it to attach to your stick so you can play with your cat with it and you can control how long you want the string to be. So if you want your cat to run all the way from one end of the house to the other you can do that, if you just want to have them contained in one room that is even an option the length of the string is totally up to you!

Then after you have gotten the ball wound tightly then you will tie it off to your stick. I know that it will not have a reel in feature like a fishing rod, but you can wrap the yarn string around the stick to allow for the cat to have a fun time chasing an item that is going away from them. Then if they take off with it you can unwind some of the yarn and make it into a fun game for you and your cat!

If your cats are like mine they will not need any extra encouragement to play with yarn balls, but if they do you can sprinkle catnip onto the yarn ball like you would on any of their toys. Now you have just made a fun toy for your cat to play with at a low cost to you!

Now this is a simple toy to make that can bring you and your cat hours of enjoyment. I know that my cat enjoys this toy and loves being able to play with this toy at any time that they like. So if your cat is like mine then they will like this toy idea as well. You can even make your own variations of this as well depending on your cat!


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