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Food For Pet Birds - Easy Recipes

Updated on June 16, 2014


  • Fresh Eggfood
  • Tea
  • Fruit On A Stick
  • Peanut Butter Treat
  • Vitamin A Bomb
  • A Warm Dish
  • Sweet, Cold, 'n Healthy
  • Food To Play With
  • Corn On The Cob
  • Sprouted Seeds

Why Recipes?

Birds are creatures that, like humans, need a whole range of nutrients to stay healthy and to live long disease-free lives. The premium seed mixes sold in stores offer a nice selection that will surely provide your pet with what it needs on a daily basis, given that you add some eggfood, vegetables, mineral blocks, etc... regularly. But always eating the same thing isn't fun for anyone, even birds.

Below you can find some recipes that you can easily make yourself, and that will provide the little feathered balls of joy with tasty, healthy, and sometimes even fun alternatives!


When making one of these recipes for your bird, do not add extra sugar or salt, as this is very bad for your bird. You can make a dish sweeter by adding a little bit of honey - but only a little bit. If your bird has been diagnosed with Megabacteria, it should have absolutely no sugar, as this is very dangerous!


Fresh Eggfood

Required: egg, bread
Optional: grenadine, leafy greens

Put on a pot of water, add a few shakes of salt, then boil the water. When it’s boiling, add the egg (preferably lowering it into the water with a spoon, so it doesn’t crack). Set the timer for 10-12 minutes. When the alarm goes off, take the egg out of the water (with the spoon) and put it into a bowl that you filled with cold water. Let the egg sit in it for a bit until it’s cooled off.

When the egg has cooled off, take it out of the shell, and mash it with a fork. Add the bread and stir. If you want, you can add a few drops of grenadine for extra vitamins. You can also add some greens, such as a couple leaves of lettuce, or carrot leaves, ...

Your birds will absolutely love it, but give them time to get used to it! After all, it’s a new type of food for them, and as they should be, they’re a little anxious at first. So offer just a small quantity at first! It’s very healthy, and very tasty. But they can overeat! After all, eggs contain a lot of protein, and while some protein is very good, too much protein is not good for birds, and has been linked to a shorter lifespan and a whole host of diseases. So, moderation is key.



Required: water, a teabag
Avoid: sugar

Birds love tea. And they’re right to love it! It’s not just delicious, but healthy as well. Simply boil the water, add a teabag (don’t let it sit for too long, the tea shouldn’t be too strong). Then let it cool off.

On cold days, you can offer the tea when it’s still warm. Test whether or not it’s too hot for your birds by dipping in your pinky finger or dropping some of it on your wrist. If it’s something you could give to a baby, then it’s the right temperature for your birds.

On warm days, offer the tea when it’s completely cooled off. You can even add some ice cubes, and offer it as iced tea!

Be careful not to add sugar to the tea, however, as sugar is very bad for birds! You can add some honey, but this should be an exception, rather than the rule. If you do, also, don’t add too much honey!

When you offer tea, choose a variety that’s not too chemical. For example, black tea, green tea, lemon tea, strawberry tea, … Every variety has its own health benefits. You can look for these benefits on Google, where you’re sure to find the right kind to benefit your bird.

Stinging Nettle
Detoxification, Kidney problems
Anticonvulsant, Flatulence, Yeast Infection
Stress, Infection, Inflammation, Diarrhea, Cold
Black Tea
Stress, Blood circulation
Fungal infection, Yeast infection,
Green Tea
Clogged arteries, Cancer
Be sure to check with your doctor before offering tea as a medicinary aid. You should also always consult a vet, when you notice a problem with your bird. Tea in itself is not sufficient medicine to cure a sick pet!

Fruit On A Stick

Required: a fruit stick holder (not a real wooden stick that’s used for humans, it’s dangerous!), different types of fruit

Slice up the different types of fruit, and slide them, in random order, onto the holder. Then offer to your birds. Not only will this offer them a nice variety of fruit and vitamins, but it gives you the chance to see what has their preference, so you can cater to it in the future!


Peanut Butter Treat

Required: peanut butter, seeds, bread crumbs

Mix the peanut butter, along with the seeds and bread crumbs, and roll into balls. Put in the fridge so it can stiffen. Then offer to your birds. Take it out after a couple of hours, as it spoils quickly!


Vitamin A Bomb

Required: carrot, kale leaves, lettuce, potato, broccoli

Grate the carrot and boil the potato and broccoli. Cut the potato, kale leaves and lettuce into smaller pieces, then mix everything. Offer when the potato has cooled off. A treat that is extremely good for your birds, since many birds have a shortage of vitamin A, which is in each of these ingredients, and of iodine, which is found in the potato. However, don’t offer it too often, as too much vitamin A has its own health risks.


A Warm Dish

Required: wild rice, grated carrot, cooked squash, corn, a selection of vegetables your bird likes, unsalted almond butter (just a little bit)

Mix the ingredients, and offer to your birds while it’s still warm (but not too warm!). This has a bit of everything in it. If you want, you can add some seeds to get them to try it quicker. Don’t leave in too long, however, as it spoils quickly!


Sweet, Cold, 'n Healthy

Required: mango

This recipe is very simple. Simply slice the mango in cubes, put the cubes in the freezer until they are frozen, and feed a couple cubes to your birds on hot summerdays!

Food To Play With

Required: a small and high cardboard box, a piece of rope, large seeds, small seeds, eggfood, bread crumbs

Optional: vegetables cut in small pieces

Poke a couple of holes in the cardboard box, then tie it with a piece of rope in the cage (preferably leaving it to hang from the top, so it swings around a bit). Add the seeds, the eggfood and the bread crumbs and stir around so they get mixed. Optionally, you can add some vegetables, but that will spoil in a matter of hours, whereas you can leave the toy in the cage for several days if you leave those out. Your birds should absolutely love this toy!

Watch the video below, where you can see one of my budgies having the time of her life with this toy. She played with it for hours a day, until it was completely destroyed!

A Budgie Playing With Her Food


Corn On The Cob

Required: corn on the cob

A very simple recipe. Boil some water. Clean, then add the corn on the cob when the water is boiling, for 6-10 minutes, without added salt. Let it cool down completely. Then, offer to your birds and allow them to get the corn off themselves. Not only is this a tasty and healthy treat, but it’s entertaining, both for your birds to do, and for you to watch!

Note of warning: be careful how you offer the corn. If you hang it in the cage, it’s great fun for your birds, but should it fall down, you risk seriously injuring your birds. So, if you hang it in the cage, be sure to make sure it’s secure!


Sprouted Seeds

Required: seeds, a place to put them in, some toilet paper

Sprouted seeds are very healthy, filled to the brim with nutrients, and an absolute favorite with most birds! They’re also very easy to get. Simply get some seeds from your bird food, rinse them so they’re clean. Soak the seeds for one night. Rinse them the next morning. Now spread them out in a jar or other container, and put in a dark and well-ventilated area. Keep rinsing the seeds several times a day. When you see sprouts appear, harvest what you grew, and put on a piece of cloth or toilet paper, to allow the water to drain. This will prevent them from spoiling quickly. Now, offer to your birds, who will love this exciting new treat!

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