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Man in Tulare County dies from cockfight rooster

Updated on October 17, 2011

Animal Cruelty is widespread across the world. In America however, it is banned, and underground gambling in the form of cockfighting however still takes place. Cockfighting was a well known sport thousands of years ago across the world, but due to its cruel nature was banned in most countries.

However a big thumbs up for animals who are cruelly mistreated around the globe, this cock rooster fought back, and killed a man. It isn't clear if this man was the owner, but it is illegal to even be a spectator of cockfighting as well as a breeder of cocks.

The fight took place in Tulare county, near Earliment, and the victims name is Jose Luis Ochoa. It is thought the murdering roosters name was FogHorn Leghorn from the popular cartoon.

Underground cock fighting usually has small very sharp razor blades attached to the roosters feet, and legs, and 2 or sometime even more roosters are pitted together in a blood bath.

Reporters say though that this particular rooster went berserk, and some witness's say that the cock turned on the man, slicing the main artery in his leg. It is thought that the man was laughing at the roosters stutter. Although police have yet to confirm this. Currently no fowl play is suspected, and the rooster remains in custody, pending bail. This was a real nasty cock out for blood! KFC wouldn't comment about the roosters future either.

Although obviously the family are devastated at the loss of their son, nothing has been said about the family of the murdered rooster involved in the cockfight.

Americans are advised to report any such activity to the police, as well as anyone around the world in which cockfighting is illegal.

FogHorn leghorn makes his escape
FogHorn leghorn makes his escape
2 cocks fighting to the death in a gambling match
2 cocks fighting to the death in a gambling match


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